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To be continued…

Well perhaps this bit will be told with dazzling lights, and super good memories.  Ok, so I am all a buzz with delight.  I am also hoping that tomorrow nights adventure goes without rain, even though it is in the forecast.  I will be heading out to the trail of lights, my first time, and I just hope that the rains stay back until I have experienced this.   I will be experiencing  it with a very good friend, and that keeps me in good spirit and plenty of smiles.  So I am hoping to take some pretty pictures, and once that is done, I will post them here on my blog for all to see.

Life has been so busy lately, with all the family moved down here, and with the craziness that has been work, time is moving on, and moving forward, soon it will be the end of this year, and the start of the new year, to which I say…  Bring it!.  I continue to pray for better and that life gets more and more sweeter and richer for me and my family and friends.

May your days and nights continue to be very blessed, and may you all have all that you strive for.

Giving Thanks…

This year, I am wishing you all a Happy Thanks Giving.  Today I am giving thanks to The Lord, for without Him, I am nothing, can do nothing.  So Thank you God.  I am giving thanks for my parents, that they were able to move down to Austin, and that they have had a smooth move and have settled in very well.  I am thankful for employment, it may not be the highlight of my life, but it is not a soul sucker as well.  I am thankful for friends, online, offline, for with out them, life would be pretty dull.  Oh there are so many things that I am thankful for.  I will just stop at those, and get myself ready for work, then after, that is when the real party starts, I’m talking, chicken and dressing, ham, and all those other yummy things that will be put before me.  May your thanks giving be just as awesome.

Under the big top!

And so it was.  The Cirque Du Soleil  was all that and more.  It was fin, funny, and the music was alive.  It was thrilling, the acts were amazing.  So awesome.  I can now say I am hooked!  This will not be the last time I see them.  I am so glad that I bought the tickets.  Highly recommend if you have a chance to see any of their shows do go and you will not be disappointed.  Stay tuned…  The next big show will be River Dance.  They are having the 20th anniversary of this show.








Happy Christmas Eve Y’all!

Well it is upon us, yes, that is Christmas Eve, the weather outside is cold, and I hope it warms up a bit, not sure if it will or not.  So thought mom and dad would be heading down here today, but dad has to work, perhaps if he gets off early enough, they can head this way, if not, then they will be leaving out early tomorrow.  Can’t wait.

I have work today, but I get off at 3:30 today, hopefully earlier if possible.  I want to just wish all of my readers and friends, a very merry christmas, and to keep it fun, and always safe.


Beyond 365

Day 338:

Today I am…  Wrapped up!  Yes, yesterday I bought me a scarf, and my friend/co-worker bought me some super warm, green cute gloves.  Today is pretty cold out, in fact it is colder today, than yesterday, so I am getting pretty good use of these new are warm items.  (smile).  So today I do get to leave the work place early, so that means that I can take care of much-needed business.  On the agenda today is to get me some sweatpants, and ear muffs.  Get some more things to finish out phase one of my christmas decoration as well, and perhaps a couple of new movies for my collection.  In all I think that things will work out pretty good.

Yesterday me and said coworker/friend, went out to eat after work, she treated us to The Golden Wok, I must say it was so delicious, and in turn I am hoping to treat my mom, the next time she comes down for a visit, which I hope is soon.  The friend and I may just hit up the movies, and go out to eat come Thanks Giving day, that is if we both are on the same shift at work, I am sure we are though lol, but it would be very cool though, because then it would feel back to normal, even though I don’t have any problems with being alone this year, last year that was another story, but I am now pretty dang comfy with doing the holidays on my own, I am just making them a bit more fun and adventurous.

Well, I am typing this out from the work place, so time is flying and I need to head inside and get to work, the day is going great.  I just wish that it was warm, but oh well.

Today I am…  Wrapped up!

Beyond 365

Day 258:

Today I am…  Having Fun.  Yes!  Fun with a capital F.  Today me and my friend from work , had a day out together, it is rare we both have a day off together, but we did this time, and I treated her to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and lunch we had.  Funny though, we both got the same thing, but it was all good.  We ordered the factory burritos grande, it was grande indeed, and so very yummy.  For dessert it was cheesecake of course, mine was the deluxe Oreo cheesecake, and she had the Godiva cheesecake, oh man, need I really say more but Heaven!

After that, we went over to the shops and browsed for a bit, then to a few other places, before she brought me back home, it was a great day had by both parties, she is my new adventure buddy when we can both get days off together, ah life is good, good, good, and delicious, sorry no photos from my camera, but a couple on my instagram on the side.  Enjoy.

Ah, so my great weekend has come to an end, and tomorrow is back to work, so about to go enjoy the last few hours of it.  Here’s to the start of a great week.

Today I am…  Having Fun.