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Beyond 365

Day 229:

Today I am…  Basking in His Word!  The glory of His Word, I feel it throughout my body, throughout my soul, today I am basking in it, taking it into me.  His Word covers me, gives me comfort and protection, today I hear Him.  Oh my Hevanly Father, I thank You for all that You are, and will always be to me, and for me.

Today’s Shoreline service was about Toxic Thoughts, how we are to take captive every thought unpleasing to Him, and cast it out.  What you think, therefore you are, Oh I have been battling thoughts so much so, but taking them captive, and casting them out, I fail at times, but I keep moving forward in the casting out.  I have such a Good Father, such a forgiving Father, one that will never leave me.  He is always there, at my side.  I thank Him.

In the midst of all this, today I saw off my mom and dad, they left going back home, the weekend has come and today is the last of it, for there is work in the am for me.  I am so very blessed with employment, and opportunities, I can not, and will not complain.  My life may not be how I have envisioned it, but He leads my footsteps, and is guiding me, I am where I should be at this moment in my life, and I am all to thankful.  He will bring who belongs in my life, He will lead me, God is so very Good.

Time to do a bit of cleaning, then relaxation, so hope everyone had a great weekend, I surely did.  Here’s to the start of a great working week.  Keep it safe and fun.

Today I am…  Basking in His Word!