Category: Gourdough’s donuts

The first bite is…

The sweetest.   A lot can be said about that, but in this case; it really is the sweetest.   View the picture below, this is of the donut that I consumed.


Bring on the Heath donut

The name of this particular donut is called “Bring on the heath”. It has toffee heath crunch bars and the inside of the donut is a cream cheese filling, oh my! Yes indeed, talk about a sweet overload. It was so very rich and very delicious. One thing that I said I was going to do once I moved here, was to enjoy the food trucks and trailers of Austin, and this is what I am starting to do, one trailer and truck at a time.

Gourdough's donut trailer

Gourdough’s is awesome. A must try for all at least once, if not more.  As a friend told me, once you try them, other donuts will just be a memory.  I think she is right. They are on the corner of 6th street, if you are ever in Austin, please try them, you will not be disappointed.


Until the next truck or trailer, stay tuned.