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Thank You…

My Gracious Father, thank you for Your cleansing rain.  It has been raining steady since last night.  I was going to attend church this morning;but with it raining I didn’t not think walking would be a good choice.  So instead I attended online.  Shoreline on the internet.  It was a great service.  Yes, I know it does not replace attending in person, but it for me is better than nothing.  I have been feeling my Faith tank getting low; it is so easy to miss going to church, all the excuses you can think of.  From work, to just not having the time, but you have time to attend festivals and concerts….  I can not go back to the ways of yesterdays.  God has given me so much, and continues to supply my needs.  To honor Him is to feed of His Word, and not grow weary in times of trouble.  For He is with me, my shield and protector always.  His Word is fuel to my soul and spirit.  Today I give thanks to all He provides.

Don’t speak…

So riding on the bus.  Sometimes it is fun, other times no so much.  The more I ride, the more I see this scenario.




In fact during that day the majority of the rider’s including me were plugged in.  Says a lot when you’re on the bus.  Sometimes it is better to be plugged in, than to have to listen to the conversations that go on, or undesirables attempting to speak to you.  Ah!  Life in your head, with the volume turned up to 11.

For my ears have finally heard

When my mom was down here a few days ago, while watching a movie, she said something she had said before to me, and this time my ears heard it as clear as a bell, and my soul felt it.  So many times I had not heard through the pain of the circumstances.  This time was different, this time I saw and knew what she meant.  Friends, family, people that have been through it all told me.  I was not hearing and taking it in, until that night with my mom.  Oh to have ears that hear is such a gift.  Today I feel at peace and ready to move forward in my life.  To be continued…