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Beyond 365

Day 182:

Today I am…  Viewing History.  Today me and a friend, went to the LBJ Library and Museum, and I was so amazed at how much history was there.  This is a huge place, with lots of photos, and letters, not just of him, but of different presidents.  Lots of historical things as well.  Of course it was before my time, but it was amazing to see all these things.  I am a museum person, and I really, really, really enjoyed visiting there.  I am definitely going to be going back, because there are more things that I did not get to see.  I took photos, when I am done with them, I will post.  Today was a really great day.  The sun was shining bright and beautiful, and it was perfect museum weather day.

I was really impressed.  There are more museums to come this year so stay tuned.

Today I am…  Viewing History.

Pow to the Wow!

As I sit here thinking about the spectacular event that went on yesterday at the Toney Burger center, it reminds me that I am so blessed to be able to see different cultures and learn about their way of life.  So yesterday was the 22nd Austin Indian Powwow.  They have one every year, which is awesome, I learned something new, now that I know I will most likely put that on my calendar for next year.  Hopefully next time my mom can attend, and I will have a better camera to take photos with, yes, still working on that as well.  Anyway it was a beautiful day, left early to get there before it started, since it was in South Austin, and the bus ride was a long one.  Got there before the event started, so got a pretty good seat.  They started out with drumming and the opening where all the Indian tribes came in, it was amazingly beautiful.

They gave us details of the clothing and what it symbolized, they danced and sung and told amazing stories through the dancing and singing.  it was a great time had, and I am really glad that I found this, and went.  Art, culture, and photos.  I love Austin.

Here I share some of the photos I took, hope you enjoy them.























Yes, I know it is a lot of photos, but from the many I took, I like these shots the best.  Anyway, enjoy, and until the next photo adventure.