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Beyond 365

Day 182:

Today I am…  Viewing History.  Today me and a friend, went to the LBJ Library and Museum, and I was so amazed at how much history was there.  This is a huge place, with lots of photos, and letters, not just of him, but of different presidents.  Lots of historical things as well.  Of course it was before my time, but it was amazing to see all these things.  I am a museum person, and I really, really, really enjoyed visiting there.  I am definitely going to be going back, because there are more things that I did not get to see.  I took photos, when I am done with them, I will post.  Today was a really great day.  The sun was shining bright and beautiful, and it was perfect museum weather day.

I was really impressed.  There are more museums to come this year so stay tuned.

Today I am…  Viewing History.