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Beyond 365

Day 289:

Today I am…  Grooving.  Yes, I am enjoying this bright fall weather we are having here in Austin, I must say though, I need to keep on enjoying it, because I just do not know when it will leave and turn, so enjoy it I am.  Today is another off work day for me, so here I am back at my old stomping ground the wells branch library, typing this out.  I really didn’t feel like using my phone for this today.

Update on my dad, they will put a lens in the eye, so that he can get the eye test done, so that he can get back to work, it has been a hard process, still more to come, but keeping the faith is getting us all through this time.  In all, things will work out.  So I put in some aps, let’s see where this takes me.  Sunday is the Pecan Street Festival, I have the day off, so think I am going to mosey on down, take some photos once again, and just enjoy what is.  Can not be worried about the other things…  God has this.

Last night I made tacos for dinner, they were delicious, still have some left over, so that will be my dinner for tonight.  I am back to work in the morning, oh lovely 9 to 5, not complaining any.  Life is well, life and interesting, oh being an adult comes with its perks and not so perks, but it is what it is, and that’s about all I can say about it.  Last night I watched both Oceans 11 and 12, had never seen them before, but had the dvd’s, hmm…  They were really good, there are so many things that I got on dvd that I haven’t watched yet, well looks like this is pretty much my time to sit down and watch them.

Oh!  The weather is so perfect out today, think that I might swing down to the park and sit for a bit, so here’s to great fall weather, life being life, and having blessings.

Today I am…  Grooving.

Life is what you make it…

I continue to make it the best that I can, and keep it in God’s hands as well.  Today I am spending some more time at the library filling out these applications, soon I will not have to fill out any apps because I will have a Job, stay tuned…  Life is good, life is pretty hot and humid I will say as well.  A couple more months and it will be fall, I breath a sigh.  But until then, I will battle this heat and humidity like a pro.

I thank God every morning that my eyes open, thanks and praise, it’s the only way.  One thing Is when I do land a job and get caught up on all my bills, I am getting cable and internet, heck I don’t want to even think about going into the new year without.  I mean season five of Justified will be starting in January, and believe me I plan on watching it, so these jobs need to hurry up and get me on so I can do what I need to do lol.   Gonna be a great season for the hot shot in the ten gallon hat, yeah baby!  Stay tuned…

Short blog today, so hope that all my readers are enjoying themselves.


Today I am a little disappointed in myself, I was hoping to find the way to church today, but that didn’t happen.  I thought I could possibly walk around and see if I see it, but that didn’t happen, in stead I walked around in a complete circle, but non was lost on that, because I did find the strip mall where the big movie complex was in, so now I know where I can go to watch movies.  I was on the bus practically all day yesterday hoping to find out where that church was, because I had thought I had seen it while I was on the bus Tuesday, well apparently not.  It must have been when we were driving, that is when I saw it, but not to fret, because I can take a taxi to it, since it is not too, too far away from the place I live.  It just isn’t within walking distance, and as far as bus is concerned, I will take a taxi early enough to look around to make sure there are some bus stops within the distance, so that I can catch as well.  It was a little disappointing, but I am getting over it.  I will get to church soon, just not this week.

Today I am at the library; it has been filled with filling out applications for jobs.  Hopefully someone will call me this coming week for an interview.

I love where I am at, but have yet to make any friends, it can be quite lonely here in the big city.  Even though I have only been here for 1 week and 1 day.  I know in time, I will soon be making friends, and hopefully they will be the life long kinds.

I am all smiles because my mom will be coming down next weekend to see me, yes indeed.  She will be bringing the rest of my boxes, and also the bike that needed the tire fixed.  I miss her, and will be glad to see her as well.  Even though we talk on the phone every day.  It’s all new being here all by myself, and it is a bit lonely.  But I suppose that is how it is for now, but will smooth out after a bit.  I know that the walking is getting much, much better for me, especially here to the library.  I remember when I first started, I thought I was going to die, especially with all the humidity; now it has gotten better where I am not huffing and puffing so much.  All this working out I am doing, is doing this body good.  Now hopefully I can lose that tummy, and slim down these hips and thighs lol.  Stay tuned.

I will say that it definitely feels strange; when I am out and about, not having to be at home at a specific time frame, and as long as the buses are running, I can be on them going where I need to be.  Not that I am going to stay out all night and such, I am always in before dark, got to think of my safety of course.  Now once I start working, that is another thing, but we will talk about that when the time comes.

I am getting used to having to take these reusable bags with me everywhere, first thought was…  How stupid, but with having used them, and all that.  I find them well alright.  I have now compiled lots of reusable bags, from walmart, to target, to bed bath and beyond.  All come in handy.  Well friends, I am running out of computer time here, I have already re-upped; so I am about to end this blog.  Until the next time.  Keep it cool.


bathroom                      door leading into the pantry              Fireplace area and opening to bedroom


Kitchen area                     My kitchen


the kitchen                Nook


Pool area

Just a little slice of my apartment, life is good, still working on landing a Job, still working on learning this and that, but in all I think that this suits me pretty good.  Hopefully my mom will bring a fixed laptop the next time she comes down, I know she is supposed to be bringing me the bike, which would be terrific because I can go up and down the neighborhood instead of using foot power when I don’t need to do so.  I am posting this from the library, so my time is almost up, hope that you are enjoying your day, staying cool and dry; that is if you are somewhere that is raining, like here in Texas…  Keep it fun and safe, until the next time.