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Beyond 365

Day 228:

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!  The power of Hercules that is, well a figure of speak.  Today me, my mom, and dad, went to watch Hercules at the movies, we were suppose to go yesterday, but ended up back in San Angelo, well we got back into town before noon, went to eat at the Luby’s, went back to the apartment.  Then headed out to watch Hercules.  Which in my opinion was awesome, the rock, rocked!

I have had so much fun these past few days with my mom, always a good time.  Her and my dad will be leaving out in the morning back to Angelo.  Always sad to see them go, but always a good time when they come down.  So the night has been well, and getting the last few hours before bedtime in with my mom, loving our grown-up talks.  Here’s to enjoying the weekend friends.

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!

Beyond 365

Day 226:

Today I am…  On Day One of Four.  Today my adventure with my mom was to Round Rock, we finally found the Luby’s and went to have lunch, it was awesome, Luby’s does have some good eatin’.  After that, we went to Wally world, then to Ross, then to target just to get some essentials, then back to the apartment.  It was a fun-filled day, tomorrow, should be more of an adventure.  We are thinking of going to the movies, that new Hercules with the rock will be showing, so that looks like something good to go check out.  Stay tuned.

well my reader’s looks like my day one is moving along nicely, so off to a relaxing night with mom.  Have fun and enjoy.

Today I am… On Day One of Four.