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Beyond 365

Day 298:

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!  This morning while laying on the couch with my phone in hand I turned it to the light, and what do I see?  Yesh!  A Crack, I have a cracked screen, it is an arched crack, but a crack none the less!  It must have happened yesterday at the festival, I dropped it, and I guess it was one drop to many, because now there is an arch crack in the screen.  Oh if it isn’t one thing, it’s your mother…  Well you get what I am saying here.  So now I am going to have to take sweet precaution with this phone until I can get a new one, and I am praying it will either be before the new year hits, or sometime early in the new year.  I have had nothing but problems with this phone since I moved down to Austin.  No, no, no, not happy at all!  But enough about my phone.

Yesterday was good, wish I had company to share all this with, but once again, it was a solo adventure.  Yes, had a good time, got some nice shots of the bands, Here are just a few that I captured.


A pirates life

Luling color


William H Taft

just a hat

San Marcos

The day was long, not a cloud in the sky, good weather, but boy was I tired when I left, didn’t get to stay to see the entire thing, but what I did see was amazing once again, these kids can sure put on a show.

Back to work tomorrow for me, my hours have drastically been cut, but at least I made enough this week, to pay what needs to be paid, the rest, well, I will not worry any about it, God has it all in hand.  So am excited to see sister and dad, that takes place Wed.

I am already thinking about Christmas, and decorating, this time around I am going to get that white tree, and I am going to decorate around the apartment, I saw some really cool flat led lights I am looking to get, once I obtain all this, I will let you know with photos.  Until then, it is only a thought that is forming in my mind.

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!

Beyond 365

Day 297:

Today I am…  Marching to the beat!  Yes, today my readers and friends…  today is high school marching band competitions.  I will be heading down south Austin to check out.  Oh joy,  I try not to miss them, they are pretty dang awesome!

Feels a bit nippy out, but no worries, got that covered.  Umbrella in purse along with wearing my jacket out.  Just in case!  So I better get this day started.  Enjoy your weekend!

Today I am…  Marching to the beat!

Marching to the beat

So I have finally got around to posting just some of the photos I took of the Marching band competition in South Austin, a couple of weeks ago, OK, I think it was three weeks ago basically, anyhow, I scrolled through my photos, and picked out some.  Hope you enjoy.


5a band

1 of only two 5A bands they had there.  Very Awesome band, very large band as well.


Ann Richards school band

This was an all girl school band, they played very well.  I was very impressed.

All Girl school marching band



The other 5A band, this one was from San Antonio, they were bad ass!  They were a very large band as well, it made me smile, they reminded me of Central’s Band in San Angelo.  Same colors and all.

Flag girls

Loved the colors the flag girls displayed, they were pretty good.



San Antonio marching band


Another bad ass band, in fact they pretty much won their rankings overall.  Wimberly marching band.


I love this kind of stuff, this is exciting, and fun to watch and photograph.

Next Saturday I am hoping to attend the Austin Indian heritage Pow Wow.  Stay tuned for those pics…