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To all my joyful readers and friends, A very merry Christmas to all.  Last night I indulged in a bit of the vino. 


Today, it will be Chicken and dressing, and maybe a bit more wine.  So here is to a great day.  My mom and dad are on the way, and I have the chicken in the oven.  Got Die hard on.  Urban cowboy later.  Here’s to Christmas 2014.  Have a merry one.

Yippie Kyay!


Indeed,indeed!  What better way to start the Christmas Season, than with the four movie collection of Die Hard.  Hey, we only live once, so make it a good one.  Bruce Willis at some of his finest.  With awesome quotes, and catch phrases.  Yes, a real treasure to have in your collection.  One I just picked up for mine.  Happy Holiday y’all!

Beyond 365

Day 319:

Today I am…  Just Me!  That is right my friends and readers.  Mom is on the road, heading to San Angelo.  I am enjoying this most beautiful day.  Watching movies, and deep conditioning my hair for the week. 

Life is starting to look up.  I have started back tithing to church.  And things are happening in my life.  I can see it happening.  So I keep on keeping on.  Life is starting to look up.

Today I am…  Just Me!

Beyond 365

Day 318:

Today I am…  Sittin’ back.  As I watch my mom in my liitle kitchen cooking up some chicken fajitas.  I made the salad, and I also made us a strawberry,cherry crisp.  She came down for the night.  Will leave out tomorrow after noon.  But always glad to see her come. 

So we eat, and she borough a boat load of movies to watch.  Yup,  today is a good day.  So here’s to having a great weekend y’all.

Today I am…  Sittin’  back.

Beyond 365

Day 305:

Today I am…  Chillin’.  Yes, just saw mom and dad off, they are heading back to Angelo.  Now, I am waiting on the bus to get back to my apartment.  Decided to stop at Target, pick me up a couple more movies to watch.  Last night I watched War Horse.  Really great movie that was, had tears in my eyes, but really great.  The collection is growing good.  Tuesday is the release of X-men:  Days of future past, once I have that my collection of x-men will be complete, of course minus x-men origins: Wolverine.  I did not like that one,so it will not be part of my collection.

Mom made a huge pan of meatloaf, so I know what I will be eating on for at least the next three days.  Love those left-overs.  It is deep conditioning hair week.  So while I settle back to watch movies, that’s what I will also do. 

Work in the morning, life is good.

Today I am…  Chillin’ .

Beyond 365

Day 304:

Today I am…  Adding to.  My movie collection that is.  I bought myself 7 movies, with one containing all three of the movies.  That one was lord of the rings.  Just need to get the hobbit to complete it.  Soon, soon.  Yes, my movie collection is on it’s way.

Well, my mental day off was good,back to work this morning.  So hope you will enjoy your weekend.

Today I am…  Adding to.