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Beyond 365

Day 232:

Today I am…  Famished!  Yes!, today after my four-hour work day, had to go take care of some business, which found me downtown.  After my business was done, I was feeling quite hungry, so I walked, and walked, and walked some down town till I stopped at Murphy’s Deli.  I have passed this deli every time I have gone down town, today was the day to stop on in and see what was up.  I ordered a chicken pita, and I had a bottle of orange juice.  The pita was quite filling, and delicious.  It definitely hit the spot, so I got some fuel in me before I walked some more to the bus stop, it was a pretty hot day today, so I was glad to get on the bus out of the heat.  I was going to stop into the Starbucks, and get a frappachino, but looking at that line, I opted out, so glad that I did.  I got a delicious pita from a very nice deli, and I satisfied my hunger, win win if I say so.

Now, on to some house work, before I relax for the rest of the evening.  Here’s to having the rest of the day.  Enjoy!

Today I am…  Famished!