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Free museum day…

Was yesterday, was going to attempt 3.  The LBJ, The Harry Ransom, and The Bob Bullock.  I only made one.  The Bob Bullock. This was my second time being here, it was fun, but the weather was hot out, so I only stayed for an hour. Here are a few photos.

La Belle was the star of my show.  Took other photos, but loved this ship one.  Enjoy.

Beyond 365

Day 285:

Today I am…  Seeing the brighter side!  That is right.  Today could have been a disaster, but it was not , because God was there in my storm.  On the way to catching my bus in a rush, I lost my phone.  I had to walk back to the last stop.  This guy had picked it up, he looked sorta shabby.  I told him it was my phone, and he handed it back to me.  God was with me.  I gave this shabby stranger five bucks.  And thanked him.  Apparently he had lost his wallet on the bus a week before, his outcome wasn’t a happy one.  He did not get his back.  I am blessed.  The moral of this day for me….  To not be in such a rush.  Thank you God!

Here I am on my way to some museums.  If any photos are to be posted on here, it will be from my phone, for I am out of home internet commission for a bit.  So glad I have phone internet, I am not completely unconnected.  Here is to a bumpy bus ride, and museums.

Today I am…  Seeing the brighter side!