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SXS Death

I do not know how many deaths have occurred during this fest since it started in 1987, but today there were 2 deaths, and numerous injuries, when a drunk driver fleeing from cops, broke through a barrier and plowed into a crowd of music goer’s.  Along the way hitting a guy on a bike who died and a woman on a moped who also died.  This is the story that I woke up to this morning on my way to work, the bus driver was telling us what happened, as much as he knows.  Pretty sad, that there are people blaming the cops for this, by chasing the guy.  I have never had any problems with the police here in Austin, so I say, let’s not blame them for doing their job, lets put the blame where is should be and that is with the person who got behind the wheel of his vehicle knowing he was drunk and decided that instead of pulling over, he would run, and now he has killed two people and injured many more.

Caution to all out during this south by weekend, please be safe, and do not drink, or drive, it isn’t worth ending up dead or in prison.  My condolence goes out to the families of the two who died, and prayers to the ones who are in the hospital.

Beyond 365

Day 88:

Today I am…  Up and Down.  Yes,  what I mean about that is the up part of me is up because I just looked at the new schedule I got  and I will be working mornings, sure it’s only six-hour shifts, but they also call people to work late at times, and I can always adjust and work past my afternoon shift.  It makes me smile, but the down part of me is down because I will be working all week-long.  My only day off is next Sunday, so even though during the week of working, I could go down town for a little bit to see some of south by, to me it is not worth the hassle, I would have loved to spend a whole day enjoying it.  So I can truly say that This year for festivals have been out for me, and I won’t get to see it.  Ho hum.  Life goes on lol.

There is always next year, and who knows what next year really holds for me.  Stay tuned.  Today has already been a great day, spent it with my mom, we went back over to Sam Moon, where she indulged herself once again with rings, and purses.  Then we had lunch at the Souper Salad.  It was very good, like I have said, one mission for me is to try different eateries around Austin, and I am well on my way, and I am indulging my mom in it as well.  Sorry, no photos this time around, but the next eatery I will try to remember to snap some photos, for here, my Facebook and my instagram.

I also picked up the new Hunger Games:  Catching Fire dvd, so today has been pretty productive, even though it never really got too sunny outside.  I do hear that next week will be a bright, sunny, spring kind of day, I welcome it very much of course.  So until the next blog my friends, enjoy your weekend.  And to the Austinites who will be attending any of the SXSW festivities, keep it safe, fun, and take plenty of photos.

Today I am…  Up and Down.

Oh Rah rah rah rah rah GAGA

So let the rambunctious raucous, drunken debauchery commence.  Today is the start of South By South West, or South by as austinites call it.  It gets kicked off with the interactive part, film and then next week starts the best part, which would be the music part, of course I am not sure what is truly best about it, since I’ve never been, and without badges or wristbands, you don’t get to get in to see those world-class musician, but then again, do you really want to be?  I think the best would just be to stick to the freebies and enjoy yourself, so if I happen to be able to make it to a day of music I will post how it all turned out.  Stay tuned.

In the news today, it seems as though Lady Gaga will be playing south by, the city denied her a permit to play on the dorito’s sound stage, but did that stop her or Doritos, nope.  They just moved it to Stubbs’ now she will be performing there.  I find her tunes catchy, and yes, you will find me humming along to some even singing some, but she’s not someone I really care for, and definitely not gaga over her.  As long as I am not swept up in the hordes of minions I think I will be fine.  I will definitely try to stay away from that area lol.

Well up and getting ready for the day, it will be filled with shopping with mom, going to go back down to Sam Moon.  So enjoy your Friday, and keep it safe as well.

Beyond 365

Day 75:

Today I am…  Working.  Ah yes, this week is all work, I have the 3 to 11 spot this week, and on Saturday I get the 2:30 to 10:30 pm spot, so that means that I am going to miss the Zilker kite fly this year, yes it saddens me.  I have been wanting to go to this for the past 3 years, but I have to work Sunday the 2nd, and will not be able to go.  I am really hoping that I will have some days off during SXSW which starts on the 6th of next month, but the music part starts on the 11th or 12th I believe and doesn’t end till the 16th.  So in that span, I am hoping that I can get to it let’s keep those fingers crossed.  I know if I do go, that I am going to have to have some money saved, because I will have to definitely take a taxi home, I am hoping the buses stay out longer, well at least the one I want so that I can then catch a taxi home from the park and ride, which isn’t that far from where I live.  I will have to ask the bus drivers about the scheduling on that.  I am excited though.

So my mom and dad are coming today, but only be staying overnight, they are picking up this piece of furniture that she had paid for down here, it’s a nice glass entertainment piece.  Dad had the day off today, and his usual day off  Sunday, so they are driving down to pick it up.  I will get to see mom next month for longer, it’s hard to see them both together, since dad works all week, and only have Sunday off.  I will probably only get to see them for an hour before I have to head to work, then of course once I get home from work tonight, a couple of hours before I go to sleep, and the morning before they take off back to San Angelo.  It’s always nice to see them.

It is really nice to be working where I am not standing all day, dealing with out of control customers and their equally out of control children.   I know the weather is pretty dang sweet this week.  I love this kind of weather, I feel more in my elements then, nice, sunny, and wonderful.  Here’s to more days like this.  Must wrap this up for today.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Working.

Beyond 365

Day 40:

Today I am…  Tuned in.  So as all Austinites know, SXSW is quickly approaching.  Any music fans out there, that have been to this crazy music fest tell me, is it worth it?  I mean just the other day;  wristbands went on sale at 169.00 a pop.  If I had 169.oo would it really be worth it to get a wrist band.  I have heard so many things, and this is my first year of being an Austinite, that I may be able to head into this wild beast of a music fest, if work permitting.

For me, I think that seeing bands, and being in the pit of music is one of those, you have to at least do it once kind of thing, even though it happens every year here.  I am not too big on crowded places, and this place gets so packed with people, almost a nightmare kind of packed, I am praying that I can make it and enjoy what I can out of it.  I will be doing the freebie thing, meaning I don’t have a wristband, or a badge, so what I can see or experience will be from free concerts, and hanging out at the different bars that will have people playing music.  Hey perhaps if I enjoy myself, one day I will put up the big bucks to get a wrist band or badge, and be like the big boys and girls, and get into all the cool spots.

Oh, speaking of being tuned in…   I am making another goal to get to a performance this year.  I missed the mark with the Harry Connick Jr concert.  Now I am setting a new goal.  This sexy performer will be right here in Austin April 15, tickets for this show went on sale yesterday, I am trying to get closer to the date, but will keep you on top of all that when possible.  Who is this sexy, talented, musical wonder you ask, well even if you didn’t.  It is …



Oh yeah baby!  None other than the front man of Matchbox 20, solo artist extraordinaire  Rob Thomas.  Be still my excited heart, this man is deliciously yummy, well I think he’s pretty dang hot.  Love his music as well.  So I am hoping to make this concert in April.

It’s 10 am on a sunny Saturday morning, and now I think that I am going to listen to me some Rob Thomas.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Tuned in.