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Isn’t she lovely…

Indeed it was a night to behold, one night that will be cherished!  The Stevie Wonder concert was amazing!  It started a little rocky for us.  We left at 3:30 to ho check in at the hotel, decided to stay in a hotel after the concert down town close to the frank Erwin.  Took a taxi, half way there I screamed we have to turn around; I had in our rush out, had forgotten the tickets!  So we had to go back to the apartment, get the tickets and head out again to the hotel. 
Once we checked in, mom ordered food from mai tai’s Asian.  Then it was concert time, the sucky part was you could not bring cameras with detachable lenses in.  One of the cool things about my camera was to be able to take clear photos at concerts.  Well I was out of luck.  So had to use my camera phone; not the best pictures any way I did not let that get me down, I was in the presence of greatness! 
Mom and I had a blast last night.  Stevie rocked the joint.  It was more than I could have expected. 

Stay tuned, for the next concert update!

52 Weeks. ( picture This )

Week 5:  ( Picture this )


My Cheri amour !  A money shot indeed.  The tickets came in the mail.  Pretty much official, that myself and mom will be going to see the one and only ribbons in the sky Mr. Stevie Wonder. 

When I saw he was going to be here, I Knew, this would be the perfect way to say thank you to my mom.  Not just for the love she gives me, but for all she has done for me.  Especially since my move to Austin!  Both her and my step dad.  I really could not have survived without their help, support, and generosity.  Here’s to you mom…  may this concert blow both our minds, in a awesome way of course.

Beyond 365

Day 297:

Today I am…  Marching to the beat!  Yes, today my readers and friends…  today is high school marching band competitions.  I will be heading down south Austin to check out.  Oh joy,  I try not to miss them, they are pretty dang awesome!

Feels a bit nippy out, but no worries, got that covered.  Umbrella in purse along with wearing my jacket out.  Just in case!  So I better get this day started.  Enjoy your weekend!

Today I am…  Marching to the beat!

Beyond 365

Day 260:

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.  That is right my friends, just doing nothing of the sorts.  Today is my day off, and I am not doing anything special today with it, just going to lounge around my little apartment, type out this blog, watch some Netflix, which I have been getting into some Netflix original series, and they have been really good.  I just finished one called Happy Valley, if you happen to have Netflix, I am really suggesting you check it out, it is a bbc broadcast, very good though.  Right now as I type this out, I have Pandora streaming away.  I feel like a little music for the day.

Got assessed yesterday at work, then mentored for one of the clients I am on, the assessment was ok, not great, but just ok, I really do need a bit more help on this one, so I am hoping to get more mentoring on this client, as for the mentoring I did get on the other client, that went good, they say I am doing alright on it, so that makes me smile.  Yup, in six months I will have been there for a year, I am hangin’ in there.  Who knows where my next step will be…  Stay tuned.

The weather has been in and out the past few days, all the while I was taking my umbrella with me everywhere, there was no rain, the moment I leave it at home for the day, it rains, man isn’t that ironic.  Life has a way of laughing at you, great laugh life, but I am still chugging along.  It’s all good.  I will be taking my umbrella with me from here on out, the smaller one in my purse.

Well it is about lunch time, so off I go to have something to eat, here’s to having a great day.

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.

Oh Rah rah rah rah rah GAGA

So let the rambunctious raucous, drunken debauchery commence.  Today is the start of South By South West, or South by as austinites call it.  It gets kicked off with the interactive part, film and then next week starts the best part, which would be the music part, of course I am not sure what is truly best about it, since I’ve never been, and without badges or wristbands, you don’t get to get in to see those world-class musician, but then again, do you really want to be?  I think the best would just be to stick to the freebies and enjoy yourself, so if I happen to be able to make it to a day of music I will post how it all turned out.  Stay tuned.

In the news today, it seems as though Lady Gaga will be playing south by, the city denied her a permit to play on the dorito’s sound stage, but did that stop her or Doritos, nope.  They just moved it to Stubbs’ now she will be performing there.  I find her tunes catchy, and yes, you will find me humming along to some even singing some, but she’s not someone I really care for, and definitely not gaga over her.  As long as I am not swept up in the hordes of minions I think I will be fine.  I will definitely try to stay away from that area lol.

Well up and getting ready for the day, it will be filled with shopping with mom, going to go back down to Sam Moon.  So enjoy your Friday, and keep it safe as well.

Beyond 365

Day 40:

Today I am…  Tuned in.  So as all Austinites know, SXSW is quickly approaching.  Any music fans out there, that have been to this crazy music fest tell me, is it worth it?  I mean just the other day;  wristbands went on sale at 169.00 a pop.  If I had 169.oo would it really be worth it to get a wrist band.  I have heard so many things, and this is my first year of being an Austinite, that I may be able to head into this wild beast of a music fest, if work permitting.

For me, I think that seeing bands, and being in the pit of music is one of those, you have to at least do it once kind of thing, even though it happens every year here.  I am not too big on crowded places, and this place gets so packed with people, almost a nightmare kind of packed, I am praying that I can make it and enjoy what I can out of it.  I will be doing the freebie thing, meaning I don’t have a wristband, or a badge, so what I can see or experience will be from free concerts, and hanging out at the different bars that will have people playing music.  Hey perhaps if I enjoy myself, one day I will put up the big bucks to get a wrist band or badge, and be like the big boys and girls, and get into all the cool spots.

Oh, speaking of being tuned in…   I am making another goal to get to a performance this year.  I missed the mark with the Harry Connick Jr concert.  Now I am setting a new goal.  This sexy performer will be right here in Austin April 15, tickets for this show went on sale yesterday, I am trying to get closer to the date, but will keep you on top of all that when possible.  Who is this sexy, talented, musical wonder you ask, well even if you didn’t.  It is …



Oh yeah baby!  None other than the front man of Matchbox 20, solo artist extraordinaire  Rob Thomas.  Be still my excited heart, this man is deliciously yummy, well I think he’s pretty dang hot.  Love his music as well.  So I am hoping to make this concert in April.

It’s 10 am on a sunny Saturday morning, and now I think that I am going to listen to me some Rob Thomas.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Tuned in.

A joyful noise

The sounds of the season.  One of the first times in a long time that truly sounds great.  See, working in retail the day after Thanksgiving, it would be all day nonstop Christmas music, and when it’s that piped in stuff from muzak, there is no escaping it.  That was a real downer, so when it was actual time to be enjoying Christmas music, I was sick of hearing it.  This year total opposite I still work retail; but there is not 24/7 tunes going on, which makes for a much merrier Deborah.

I am so enjoying the sounds of this season.  My favorite song happens to be The Christmas Song.  I can listen to that song anytime of the day and night. 
A Christmas of firsts for me.  There is going to be a Christmas tree lighting at the capitol, I am going, there have been so many things I have missed out on, but now I am able to go and do.  I am living in an amazing city, time to take advantage of all it has to offer, and get some photos in as well.  I am so blessed.

So here’s to all, and the celebration of this season.

Pow to the Wow!

As I sit here thinking about the spectacular event that went on yesterday at the Toney Burger center, it reminds me that I am so blessed to be able to see different cultures and learn about their way of life.  So yesterday was the 22nd Austin Indian Powwow.  They have one every year, which is awesome, I learned something new, now that I know I will most likely put that on my calendar for next year.  Hopefully next time my mom can attend, and I will have a better camera to take photos with, yes, still working on that as well.  Anyway it was a beautiful day, left early to get there before it started, since it was in South Austin, and the bus ride was a long one.  Got there before the event started, so got a pretty good seat.  They started out with drumming and the opening where all the Indian tribes came in, it was amazingly beautiful.

They gave us details of the clothing and what it symbolized, they danced and sung and told amazing stories through the dancing and singing.  it was a great time had, and I am really glad that I found this, and went.  Art, culture, and photos.  I love Austin.

Here I share some of the photos I took, hope you enjoy them.























Yes, I know it is a lot of photos, but from the many I took, I like these shots the best.  Anyway, enjoy, and until the next photo adventure.


Finally getting around to posting a couple of photos from my time spent at the 2013 Pecan Street Festival.  It was fun, it was crowded, and it got a little bit rainy, but I was smart and took my umbrella with me.  There were some really rockin’ bands playing.  This one band I don’t know their name, but they were really good, they had a cuban sound to them, perhaps they were a cuban band, either way I really enjoyed watching them.  I took in a couple of other bands as well.  I had some cheesy tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck, I must say they were very delicious, and ended up washing all that down with a Cup of Lemonade from a vender stand on the corner.  In all I had a pretty swell time.  I hope to enjoy the festival again next year.  Indeed a year of firsts.  Hope you enjoy the photos below.


Another band

Gems rock

Gettin it done

Grilled cheese truck

Hot band

Marble figures

Petting zoo

Don’t speak…

So riding on the bus.  Sometimes it is fun, other times no so much.  The more I ride, the more I see this scenario.




In fact during that day the majority of the rider’s including me were plugged in.  Says a lot when you’re on the bus.  Sometimes it is better to be plugged in, than to have to listen to the conversations that go on, or undesirables attempting to speak to you.  Ah!  Life in your head, with the volume turned up to 11.