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Beyond 365

Day 254:

Today I am…  Thanking God!  Yesterday my dad’s surgery went very well, they are just waiting for him to heal up before they have to go back in and put the lens in, once that is done, he will see perfectly clear out of that eye.  He has a cataract in the other eye, but it isn’t a very big one, and once the other is all clear and healed, they will take the other one out, boy what a process that is, but once it is done he will have great vision back.  Praise God!  Thanks for the prayers as well.

Well it seems my sister and nephew are going to attempt to come down here on their own Saturday, I am praying they get knowledge on the way down, especially since the only time they have been here is when they have ridden down with my mom, but the true test of it all will be Saturday…  Stayed Tuned.

Just one more day after today and I will have 3 days off.  So looking forward to it all.  Anyhow, must get myself all ready, so here’s to having a great day my friends and reader’s.

Today I am…  Thanking God!