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Beyond 365

Day 62:

Today I am…  Not Peking In.  Nope, I do not get to go see the Peking Acrobats today, I was really hoping that I would get this day off to go see them, but sigh, it is not to be.  I have to be at work from 11 to 7, that is usually the protocol on Sunday’s for me, I am at least hoping with the new job that I can score some Sunday’s completely off, of course I think he said it isn’t going to interfere with me being able to attend church, so that is good.  I have been doing church online, but I want to be back in person, and I am going to make that happen.  There are no excuses to not being able to go if I can go.  Stay tuned.

So yesterday while I was out at the Arbor Walk, I went to vision works, to check out frames for glasses, there is an eye doctor right next door as well, I also checked how much eye exams cost, and let’s just say my eyes crossed when I heard the price.    Exams are 89.00, man oh man.  Where I came from back in San Angelo, I thought those prices were high, starting at 59 to 69 for an exam, in fact I paid 69 bucks for my last exam,  my glasses in all cost me 215 bucks.  I shudder to think how much they are going to cost me here, looking at the frames, that is just crazy, but I will continue to look around for a better price before I commit to anything.  Stay tuned on that as well.

Up and getting it done before work.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Not Peking In.