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Week One Down

Booya!  I made it through week one of my training, and there was a point in the beginning of the week, that I did not think I could do it, but as the days went on, and through Thursday, I started to feel that, this is really attainable.  I mean, I am still scared, because I really don’t know how to talk to people over the phone, meaning that I get nervous when I have to say more than a couple of words, it is strange will have to go into that at another day, but I do believe I am soaking it all in, we have lots and lots to cover, and I feel more like I will be able to do this.  Plus, the instructor is so funny, and cool, he makes it worth while, we started out as a class of 30, now we are a class of 26, hopefully I am able to keep in there as well.  We take our test on Monday, over all that we covered for the week.  I feel good this week.  I have today and tomorrow off, but back at it again Monday for week two.  Will definitely keep all updated on how things are going.  For now, I and my mom are off to the mall to do some retail therapy.  So here’s to Keeping it fly.

That time of the year again…

That would be getting that spring cleaning done, and also getting my balcony ready for it.  This year I really want to decorate it.  Get it looking all beautified and decked out.  There are a couple of things I saw, that I think would look good on my patio.  Here are a couple of things I took a photo of, that I have been thinking of.


Solar glass art ball.  Think this would look awesome.


Galileo outdoor thermometer.  Always liked the indoor ones, now getting one for the outside.  Along with patio table, chairs and perhaps plants and bench stools.  Ah time to start planning stage 1 outdoor.  To be continued.

Beyond 365

Day 344:

Today I am…  Setting the mood.  For Thanksgiving that is.  One week or seven days till that day.  I was going to cook myself s nice little thanksgiving meal, but plans have changed.  I will be hanging out with Pat, that is after work.  We will go eat out,then catch a movie.  Looking forward to this.  New and exciting season.

Today I am…  Setting the mood.

Beyond 365

Day 343:

Today I am…  Feeling more like me.  Yes, my day off consists of cleaning, and laundry.  Yes, and tonight I am going to dinner with my friend from work Pat.  We will be dining at Chedders, wonder if the one here tastes like the one in San Angelo, oh tonight will tell. 

I brought out some Phase Two things today.  In a week or so, should be in operations.  The weather is nice out today, in fact a couple of days this nice weather before it goes away.  But I will take it while it lasts.

Today I am…  Feeling more like me.

Beyond 365

Day 317:

Today I am…  Looking through new eyes.  Yes!, today I am seeing things I want, things I have longed to do, and to see, and to achieve.  Yes!  My eyes have opened to the new.  Where they have seen what can be.  It is not impossible, not if you want it enough.  Finally, I am seeing that this life is truly what you make it.  So stay tuned my loyal readers and friends. 

Today I am…  Looking through new eyes.

Beyond 365

Day 314:

Today I am…  Soaking it in.  A beautiful fall day!  I am off work, standing here on my balcony looking at the beautiful day God has given.  I was headed to the library, but turned around.  I seem to have misplaced my library card, and I was going to see if I had the number memorized, but turned around and came back home.  My body is telling me to rest this day.  There will be more days that I can do the library thing.  So here I am.

Soon the lovely fall greens and orange will give way to browns and grays.  The trees will bare their leaves, and you will see nothing more than bare branches.  But that is a story for another day.  🙂

Today is a day to enjoy the sun, breeze, and beauty. 

Today I am…  Soaking it in.

Beyond 365

Day 312:

Today I am…  Loving It!  Living here in Austin, I am thrilled, and full of excite!  Life is coming alive for me.  There are so many things I want to experience,and so many places I want to go,and I am going to start.  So many times I have said this or that, well, I am tired of saying.  I am going to do.  Yes, Life is coming alive for me.

Today I am…  Loving It!