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Is precious, when major things happen, it makes you take stock.  Stock in the little things, in the big things, and in the between things. What’s really important.  My mom has been ill for over a month.  First with Gout,then something else that took over her body.  Come to find out she has leukemia.  So she has been in the Hospital since Sunday, and she will be transfered to the hospital in south Austin today., they will get her set up and take it from there.  Am I scared;yes I am.  We have to stay strong as a family unit, keep strong for her.  So much is going through my mind, but no time to process it all.  I work everyday, and my mind races.  My dad took time off to be with his wife,to which I commend,he needs that, she needs that. I know God has his hands of protection around us.  Major changes for this family unit,with God all things are possible.  

Beyond 365

Day 261:

Today I am…  Strengthened By His Word.  Yes, His Word is my strength.  For I am nothing and can do nothing without Him.  Thank You my Lord, my Saviour.  You give me power and joy, you take these tears and make me whole.  I praise your Wholly Name.

Today I am…  Strengthened By His Word.