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The seen cannot be unseen, ever…

Oh the places you will go, or the places that I will go.  Well to start off, I had a great time visiting with the family Saturday evening, and part of Sunday before they had to head out back to Angelo.  Seems like my sister will be coming to live in Austin.  Now when that will happen, I don’t know and it doesn’t seem she knows either, lol.  A whole other story there, one I might have to tell another day, for today the story is the well visit the family had.

I had to work that morning, so wasn’t able to see them get in, but mom has her own key, so she can let herself in.  I had put out chicken, so she could have something to eat as well.  Work was hectic, did a lot of training and shadowing, have lots to learn, in fact once I leave the library, I am going to need to gather my notes and get them in order so that I know at least what I am looking at.  So get off work, head home on the bus, get home, the family is waiting, we welcome each other, so glad they came, then I tear into the food that my mom has prepared, it was chicken with butter noodles, oh my!  Then we settle in to watch the Tyler Perry movie “Temptation”  Was a pretty good movie, but mom and sis was tired, so they cut out early, so me and nephew continue the movie, then put in The Green Lantern, where I get tired halfway through and cut out on him and head to bed.

Sunday morning and the plan before they head out is to go down to the Capital.  So we get up, get ready, head to Ihop for breakfast, then to Wally world, then come back to the apartment.  We then head out on the bus for the Capital.  Of course the bus ride is a long ride down, the bus gets crowded, but we make it down to the capital, which my sister and nephew have never seen, always a joy to see the expression on someone’s face the first time they see the capital.  They took photos, we went inside and walked around.  Once over we went down Congress Avenue, mom got hungry, so we stopped into a little pizza parlor called Cozzoli’s.  The pizza was pretty good, then we headed out to find a bus stop to sit and wait for the bus to take us back to the park and ride.

Knowing mom had a 4 hour drive back to Angelo it was time to get moving, also knowing it was going to take a bit for us to get back to the park n ride so we settled on a seat on 8th street.  But there was this lady who was clearly not in her right mind, talking to the voices in her head and surrounding, so we moved further down to 9th street.  Sat there waiting for the bus.  Lo and behold about 20 min we here some ruckus going on down the street, seems there as a little protest going on, and it was heading our way.  Believe me when I say the seen cannot be unseen.  The protest was four bare breasted women, and two bare breasted men and a dog protesting about being able to go topless or something like that, they were chanting free your mind, free your breast!  Oh the things you see in Austin, they can be sure they were really keeping it weird.  A bit too weird and disturbing for me and my family.  Anyway as they proceeded to march to the state capital, to get their suppose rally going, all I could think was Crapola.  Life happens when your waiting for your bus.  I don’t want to free my breast, I like my breast exactly how I got them, nicely covered and out of the sight of others.  “Shudder’s”  My poor eyes.  Last thing I wanted to be seeing that day or any other day of the week is saggy, baggy, boobs of both kinds.

Well we made our bus, headed home, the family got packed up and headed back to their destination.  I miss them, but I know I will see them pretty soon, especially my mom, I will be seeing her in a couple of weeks anyway.  Life is good.

Today besides doing this blog, I am getting my resumes printed out, for Wednesday Open house.  I am excited, and pray that the doors of favor continue my way, and I get hired on with this company.  Until then, keep it fun my readers.