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Not what I expected…

So the other day, I had an outing downtown, I went to the capitol, took some photos, then just browsed around, well I got hungry, so I decided to see what the to do about PTerry’s was about.  I knew they had opened shop on sixth and congress, so I just skipped on down there.  The line was long on the inside, mostly people waiting to get the food they ordered, the ordering line itself was not long.  So I looked at what they had and placed my order.  1 cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and the sauce.  1 side of fries, and 1 caramel milkshake.  I waited for 20 min, then obtained my order.





So the slogan goes…  Never been better, well I think it could have been much better.  I paid $7.04 for all that you see before you, and it really could have been much better.  the milkshake really just tasted like a vanilla shake with caramel sauce, the fries were a bit too greasy and the burger did not have enough flavor to it,  It bordered on the bland.  If I had to give this a score from 1 to five I would give it a 2.  In fact I just gave it a 2, meaning to me it was an alright burger, nothing fancy, and nothing in my opinion to go over board about.  That’s just me, and this is just one more thing I have tried in Austin.

On to the next thing my friends, hope you have a great day, I sure will.