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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 39:  ( picture this )


Indeed!  It is that time of the year, to plant fall plants.  Watch as the colors change.  Change is all around us. Here’s to fall my reader’s.

Agenda less

What is it you do on your day off, when you have it completely free?  No agenda.  For me it feels good to just explore,  like today, have the day completely free, so what am I up to, you may ask.  Just riding the bus, enjoying the morning, getting on another bus to head over to the Barnes and nobles Yes, today is the kind of day for me to just chill out.  This is how I do it occasionally.  What does your day off consist of?

52 Weeks ( Picture this )

Week 11:  ( picture this )


Every now and again, when I get to this bus stop it is clean.  Usually though, this is the way it looks; this is pretty tame, compared to the homeless bundled up on one of the 6 benches, fast asleep.  I do not particularly like being there, but have to catch the bus at this stop.  Oh!,  the life of a bus rider.

52 Weeks (picture this)

Week 1:  (picture this)

Hello friends, and readers.  Today is the start of another 365, only modified to 52 weeks.  I picked Saturday to start, so every Saturday for 52 weeks, you will get a photo of something I took.  Shall we begin this thing?  Hope you enjoy!.


Pretty much my every day life,  usually on or two riders where I get on, but by the time I get to my destination; it is very full.  So I say, it is nice getting lost in the little solitude I receive on my daily ride.  It’s life.

Is it asking too much…

To have a peaceful, quiet mental health day.  I suppose it just may be.  I am finally safe at home.  So the mental health day has been pretty mental, first off, I get out to go pick up my movie I had ordered, only to find they had ordered me the wrong one, so they look and tell me that since it is such an older one, that it can only be home shipped, but to get that, I have to pre-pay first.  I decide not to pre-pay today, and will just order it to be delivered to my apartment through the web site, so that I won’t have to think about that, something I should have really thought about before hand, but hey I know now don’t I.

Second off, head away with nothing to show for it, so hop back on the bus, heading to the park in ride, get there, decide to get some stuff at the target, then wait for the bus to get home, on the bus, stop at the light where the HEB is along the way, smell something smoking, don’t pay a lot of attention, but guy from outside bangs on the bus door, saying there is a fire in the back of the bus underneath, bus driver gets out, walking like no care in the world, then get back to the bus and tells us to get off, well there are several people by now yelling and screaming that the bus is on fire, so we get off and get back away, indeed underneath the bus it was firing up, suppose the driver called the fire dep, then stood there, like what was she suppose to do, now crazy me to think, that she should have probably pulled the fire extinguisher from the bus, but she did not.  Fire department got there, it was already out, some guy in a trash truck, got his extinguisher out and put it out.  Yeah Thank you Mental Day Off!

Me and a couple of other rider’s decided to just walk the way back to the apartments, since I didn’t live far down from it, so yeah It was hot out, and I got lots of sweaty, but I am glad to be home and believe me, I am not going out anymore for the rest of this day, indeed I really do need a mental health break now.  So with that being said, I am going to hit up Netflix, and watch the other episodes of Being Mary Jane, hope your mental health is at a good state.

Beyond 365

Day 266:

Today I am…  Having a moment!  So today I had to go out and take care of some banking business.  Got up early this morning, got dressed and headed out the door, it was humid out, so basically my hair fell flat before I even to halfway to the bank, score one, get to the bank it was 30 min to early, they didn’t open till 9, so decided to walk on over to the Domain Mall, was going over to get some coffee from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, only to find it has left there 6 months ago.  score two, so decided, heck I will get go to Starbucks and get something.  After receiving my Salted Carmel Frappachinno, I sat where the wild things were, and Bam!  It hit me, memories and emotions of when Josh and I were there.  Those were really special memories for me, and now the place just don’t seem to hold the magic it once did, Oh well, what can you say, life goes on, score three.  By that time it was almost 9:30 and I needed to get back to the bank, so I walked back over there, did what I needed to do, and walked back to the bus stop, yeah by that time I was sweaty, tired, and ready to go home, my hair was a complete mess, but I was thanking God that I really didn’t know many people who I could have run into at the time, so I proceeded on.  I had to go pick up some movies that I had ordered from Barnes and Nobel’s, and place a new order for one, so the bus ride over to the Arboretum was nice.

I had been over to the Arboretum about a week ago, because me and Pat had gone to the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch, then we had walked around to some of the other shops there.  This time, as I had gone to pick up what needed to be picked up, coming back, I walked past The Pottery Barn, and immediately I was hit with another moment, this was a moment/flashback.  I really disliked working there, I was only there for a month, and it was not what I had expected, truth be is that the workers were way to serious for my taste, no one really ever smiled, and there were no joking around.  Yeah, not the kind of atmosphere I am used to being in.  loved being in the store as a customer, but did not like working there, in fact ever since I left over a year ago, I have yet to go back into that store, I am sure that I will get to it some day, but for today, Nope!  Yes, that was score three of my day.  I was really ready to get on the bus and head back home.  Other than having those moments, the rest of the day has been great, but then again I can really say that now, that I am at home and just here typing it out, while having some oranges and a bit of lunch.  Life sometimes is like that, but what can ya do…

Today I am…  Having a moment!