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That time of the year…

Besides tax time, I am talking about SXSW time…  Yes!, South By Southwest time is upon the world of Austin, Texas.  This year, the 30ith year of this festival, we will be graced with The President of The United States, yes, President Barack Obama, will be the key note speaker for the interactive portion of this, so today is going to be much abuzz.  Besides the crazy traffic that is going to happen, with both going on.  But I will survive, of course I will, I have nothing better to do than to survive.  I won’t get to see it anyway, and I don’t plan on heading anywhere downtown this week.  I would like to check out some of the music part, but  will probably stay clear as well, it’s all still up in the air, heck, it last until next weekend,so who knows.

So, I am on the last week of training, the class graduates next Friday, still a little nervous, but with a better grasp of what is what, heck how can I not have some sort of grasp, it’s been almost six weeks of deep training.   I will comment more next week end lol.

This week has been mucho rainy, it is still raining, we needed it, so I am not going to complain any, the cooler weather, is welcomed, but the spring weather is much sweeter.  Looking forward to taking photos of the blue bonnets.  Anyhoo, time to get ready for the day.  Much going on this weekend, here’s to a safe, fun, and awesome one.

Here comes the rain again…

Yes, yet another rainy day in the ATX.  I am dealing with all that is, but hoping for sunny weather real soon.  Spring is right around the corner, and I hope to see nothing more than sunshine, and beautiful weather, will get back to you on that.  As for today, it is gray, dreary, and wet, the wind is kicking up, and I am a bit blah!  Forecast calls for more of the wet stuff all week, and also freezing cold, ugh!  I just have to keep myself together in this time, I can, do it, I can do it, I…  Ugh,.  I have not really been able to do a whole lot, I walk when I can, but the weather is so icky, I just stay put when there is no way around it.  I need to get myself together and hit the fitness room at the apartments, there is no excuse, but I make plenty of them, just need to get at it, find the time that is right for me.

Have been playing around with my camera from time to time, need to do more, though.  Once I really get it moving, I will post some photos on here that I have taken.  Well I better get moving, down the road back to the apartments; before worse weather hit; here’s to warmer weather, and all that jazz.  Until the next time.

Not a fan…

Of this weather, not a fan of winter really, but especially this kind of dreary, gray, cold, rainy, wet kind of weather.  In fact, I wish that it was spring time already, oh of course there will be things about spring I will not like, but in all, I am a fan of the spring more than a fan of the winter time.  Ugh!  Today, I am here at work, just pounding this out before my day begins.  A couple of more weeks, and it will be spring.  So just need to keep it all together until then.  The weather is a downer, but have to stay focused.  No sir!  I am not a fan of this winter weather.  Hope that you are all staying warm.  Got to go, oh that thing called work is beckoning me in the background.  Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Beyond 365

Day 283:

Today I am…  Not Winning!  The battle of the humidity that is, no matter what I do, to keep my hair from looking like a wet, drowned out mess before the day even starts, from this wicked humidity, so I have to use clips and pins just to keep a decent look.  Yes, I may not be winning now, but I will soon figure it all out, the battle is not over, I will be victorious, but for today with the rain and humidity beating down on me, I will just call it a draw.

Well another weekend starts, here’s to great weekends if you can get them, I think truly that I am going to pass on this weekend’s free museum day.  I am already exhausted, and I have today and tomorrow of work to go.  If I should change my mind and venture out into the world of museums, I will post something on here.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Not Winning!

Beyond 365

Day 282:

Today I am…  Attempting.  To keep myself dry, for it is raining out this day.  I shall bring out the big rainbow umbrella to battle the rain, and I shall wear my long-sleeved undershirt to combat the cold, frigid, icy temps that is called the prod floor at work.  Indeed, indeed my friends, today is a battle, one that I shall win. Victory is mine!

Today I am…  Attempting.

Beyond 365

Day 219:

Today I am…  Picking it up!  Today I got trained on my seventh client at work, a fairly easy client it is, more data entry type of client, so dealing with inputting lots of numbers.  Yes, that is a smile on my face, just in case you didn’t see it.  I really am officially a tier 2 now, so that means a bit more change on the pay scale, not a lot more, but a bit is better than none.  This week has turned out to be pretty good, good indeed.

Got a little bit of rain or sprinkles today, looks like more is coming, but shall see, it has cleared up the humidity a little bit, and that is good for breathing purposes, in fact I have been feeling awesome the last couple of days, I think all that I have had is pretty much in the rear view.

So I actually finished all of Luther last night.  Season two and three were pretty short, but pretty powerful, so hopefully there will be more on Netflix.  For tonight I break out the dvd’s I think I will watch I Robot, always ass spankable, as shia le boeuf would say.  Anyway, I love this movie, so on that note, here’s to moving on up and getting new clients, and a few more cents in pay, and to awesome movies starring Will Smith.

Today I am…  Picking it up!

Beyond 365

Day 188:

Today I am…  Finding it difficult.  To keep long thoughts of him in my head, in my mind.  I should be very happy about this right?  is that some sign that I am slowly letting go of him inside of me?  I don’t know.  I have moments where I don’t think about him, and then have moments where it is just in bits and pieces.  In those moments where my thoughts are of him, I find myself googling him, yes, don’t judge, I am sure you’ve been there as well.  It is not an always kind of thing.  You know what happens when you go looking, you always find things you don’t want to, well looks like he is doing his own thing now, apparently he is on Hot or Not, and well let’s just say, so unoriginal, the photos he is using at least 3 of them are photos I took of him, funny, how for me when I took them they meant something, but now he’s using them on that site.  It is kind of funny in a way, because it just reminds me of dating sites where guys will have pictures up, with another woman clearly, but they have cut them out of the photo, or it is a photo from way back.  Funny, but sad.

Anyway, enough of that, I know it comes in bits and pieces, and it’s like my mind is telling me that I aint got no time for that, life is busy enough.  Work, work, work, and figuring out things I want to do, and places I want to go and see, it is the in-between things that it seeps in.  Tis life, right.  Tis life.

So the start of the new work week is here, and I am on the second shift, ugh!  I don’t get out till 9 tonight, then will not get home till almost 11, then it is off to bed, to start the next day.  Yes, somewhere in there I will have a little time to eat, bathe and watch a movie or something on Netflix to wind down.  Oh life, such a crazy thing it be.

Looks like rain today, so umbrella time, the weather I wish was more dry, oh my, to get acclimated to this stuff has been difficult to say.  To be continued…  Welp for now, must get a move on, time is pouring away, and I need to get dressed and out of this place, until the next time…

Today I am…  Finding it difficult.

Beyond 365

Day 168:

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.  It would seem that way, for things are really wet and beyond soaked here in Austin, it has been raining non stop for the past day and a half.  From the looks of it, or from what I can see, since it is still dark out, does not look like it is going to let up any today, but then again I could be wrong and it stops mid day, but we shall see.  Yes, we do need the rain, oh but when it rains this way, my not so sunny mood starts to appear, let’s just hope that the sun comes out, and all today sometime.

Here I am before I get ready for work, today is the day we see the new system at work.  Keeping fingers crossed on my end that all goes well for me, and I do well with it.  To be continued.  Well I suppose I need to get myself off here and get my butt in gear for work, so here’s to my Monday, hope you all have had a great start yourselves.

Today I am…  Going to need a boat.

Beyond 365

Day 155:

Today I am…  Still Watching the rain.  Now I know that today the weather plainly states that it will be sunny, perhaps that is later on today, because as of 3:50 am it is still raining out, I really do hope that it stops raining and the sun comes out to shine.  Today my mom comes into town, and it’s raining there in San Angelo, so hopefully before she leaves out on the trip here it will have stopped raining, there as well as here.  I can’t wait to see her.  Of course by the time she gets’ here I will still be at work, but so glad that I work the morning shift and will be out around 3pm, and home by 5.  Anyhow, there really isn’t much to say in this post, all that I have to get moving, 5 am will be here before I know it, and I need to be fully dressed and ready to take on the world at hand today, so here is to a wet, but wonderful Wednesday.

Today I am…  Still Watching the rain.

Beyond 365

Day 154:

Today I am…  Watching the rain.  Believe me it is raining cats and dogs around Austin.  It started yesterday morning, and have been going on since then, in fact there are warnings and watches for all of Austin and the surrounding cities.  No, I am not a fan of this kind of thunderstorm of continuous rain.  So I watch it.  I am up and at em this very wet Tuesday morning.  Getting ready to start my work day.  So hope that the rains mellow out, and it gets sunny again.

I have started back drinking Tea, I have two kinds of Chi, and the regular kind of Lipton tea.  I will be getting more tea as the week progresses.  I think the tea does me better than the coffee, I feel more awake when I drink tea, plus tea I think is a bit better than coffee.

Well friends, time for me to make it happen.  Until the next time.

Today I am…  Watching the rain.