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Being taken to school, yet once again…

So this has been some kind of week for me and family, yesterday was another lesson in being an adult, I got taken to task.  Once again a lesson learned, is a lesson earned.  Of course it was yet again a money issue, a definite mistake on my part, but something that I will never forget, and never do again.  But it is, what it is now, and I have clearly learned from it, no details on what that lesson was, but let’s just say, never hit a button twice.  OYVEY!

It is now 6 days till my mom is down here getting the keys to their apartment, I am over-joyed, and so ready for them to be here.  Well my friends, looks like another day working the long haul at the int, so I better be hitting it.  Until the next time, enjoy what you can.