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Winter Deborah emerging from semi-hibernation.

Today is less cold, it is hovering in the high mid thirties.  Something I can deal with.  Today is lightly foggy, and soggy.  We are getting some light rain today.

So I decided to snap this photo, since I am off today and pretty much stuck indoors, I find ways to amuse myself and my most loyal of reader’s as well.

I get to see my mom this week, she will be driving down Wednesday and staying the weekend.  We will be decorating my tree.  Will try to stick to mostly greens and perhaps some silvers.  I got a ton of these I bought back in Angelo when I worked at Kirkland’s. 

They are birthstone angels, I bought up all the green ones.  For May and August.  That is Emerald and Peridot.  Neither one my birthstone; but I love the color green, so there you have it.  Once the tree is done I will post pictures, so stay tuned.

Well looks like winter Deborah needs to get stuff done around the apartment.  Hope your Monday is an enjoyable one.


Today I turn forty.  Do not feel it, but sure I will soon enough, mind wise anyway.  Today I spent it with my mom.  She has been here since Thursday.  I am so grateful for my mom’s love.

She will be leaving in the morning, and I will be heading back to work.  It had been nice not having to spend it alone, and having the one who loves you to celebrate it with.  I mean, this is a milestone in birthday’s.  I am just grateful the Lord has given me another year. 





Milestones…  Life carries so many milestones.  You make the best and live the life you are destined for.  God has so much in store for me, I just know it.