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That time of the year again…

That would be getting that spring cleaning done, and also getting my balcony ready for it.  This year I really want to decorate it.  Get it looking all beautified and decked out.  There are a couple of things I saw, that I think would look good on my patio.  Here are a couple of things I took a photo of, that I have been thinking of.


Solar glass art ball.  Think this would look awesome.


Galileo outdoor thermometer.  Always liked the indoor ones, now getting one for the outside.  Along with patio table, chairs and perhaps plants and bench stools.  Ah time to start planning stage 1 outdoor.  To be continued.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 26:  ( picture this )


These are little solar powered umbrella clip lanterns.  They are made to clip onto your umbrella.  Well since I have no umbrella, and they caught my eye, figured I had to get them.  So I did.  They will be hung on my balcony, will make good lighting on my balcony along with how I am wanting to get it decorated this year.  Stay tuned for that project.