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Beyond 365

Day 333:

Today I am…  In R & R Mode.  Today nothing more than the prescribed dosage of Rest and Recovery for me this day.  Full of DVD’s, hot tea, and BBQ chicken.  So do yo thang  gang and enjoy.

Today I am…  In R & R Mode.

Beyond 365

Day 314:

Today I am…  Soaking it in.  A beautiful fall day!  I am off work, standing here on my balcony looking at the beautiful day God has given.  I was headed to the library, but turned around.  I seem to have misplaced my library card, and I was going to see if I had the number memorized, but turned around and came back home.  My body is telling me to rest this day.  There will be more days that I can do the library thing.  So here I am.

Soon the lovely fall greens and orange will give way to browns and grays.  The trees will bare their leaves, and you will see nothing more than bare branches.  But that is a story for another day.  ūüôā

Today is a day to enjoy the sun, breeze, and beauty. 

Today I am…  Soaking it in.

Beyond 365

Day 260:

Today I am…¬† Doing Nothing.¬† That is right my friends, just doing nothing of the sorts.¬† Today is my day off, and I am not doing anything special today with it, just going to lounge around my little apartment, type out this blog, watch some Netflix, which I have been getting into some Netflix original series, and they have been really good.¬† I just finished one called Happy Valley, if you happen to have Netflix, I am really suggesting you check it out, it is a bbc broadcast, very good though.¬† Right now as I type this out, I have Pandora streaming away.¬† I feel like a little music for the day.

Got assessed yesterday at work, then mentored for one of the clients I am on, the assessment was ok, not great, but just ok, I really do need a bit more help on this one, so I am hoping to get more mentoring on this client, as for the mentoring I did get on the other client, that went good, they say I am doing alright on it, so that makes me smile.¬† Yup, in six months I will have been there for a year, I am hangin’ in there.¬† Who knows where my next step will be…¬† Stay tuned.

The weather has been in and out the past few days, all the while I was taking my umbrella with me everywhere, there was no rain, the moment I leave it at home for the day, it rains, man isn’t that ironic.¬† Life has a way of laughing at you, great laugh life, but I am still chugging along.¬† It’s all good.¬† I will be taking my umbrella with me from here on out, the smaller one in my purse.

Well it is about lunch time, so off I go to have something to eat, here’s to having a great day.

Today I am…¬† Doing Nothing.

Down time

Today was a little bit of down time.  Where I go off to a somewhat quiet place and talk to God.  Today was the park, I have always been fond of parks.  This one is down the street from the apartments.  Very convient I say.  So today I went to sit, think and have a conversation with God.  I find myself speaking more to God, but that is a good thing.  Today my conversation was keeping my faith strong.  Knowingthat God is working on my behalf, and that He has good things in store for me.  Just to keep knowing that gives me a peaceful feeling inside.

I had been down the past few days; but I am feeling much better and refreshed.  Never discount the power of a friend.  Today I feel strong.  Getting out of the apartment and to this park helps as well.  I start work Saturday.  And family comes in that day as well.  Get a little time with them.  A little time is better than no time.

Today my solice is God, and this pretty little park. ¬†Tomorrow… well I will just let that take care of itself.