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Is precious, when major things happen, it makes you take stock.  Stock in the little things, in the big things, and in the between things. What’s really important.  My mom has been ill for over a month.  First with Gout,then something else that took over her body.  Come to find out she has leukemia.  So she has been in the Hospital since Sunday, and she will be transfered to the hospital in south Austin today., they will get her set up and take it from there.  Am I scared;yes I am.  We have to stay strong as a family unit, keep strong for her.  So much is going through my mind, but no time to process it all.  I work everyday, and my mind races.  My dad took time off to be with his wife,to which I commend,he needs that, she needs that. I know God has his hands of protection around us.  Major changes for this family unit,with God all things are possible.  

Today was a good day…

First day of the new job.  Went well, no first day jitters for me, probably because I was just way ready to get back at it.  Bills wait for no one.  I feel confident that I will do well, more like I am praying I will do good.  Stay tuned!  Today was not as hot as yesterday and the day before, I can deal with it today.  I am returning to waking up at 5 am to get the 6 am bus.  Since this job is far south, out near the airport area.  I am going to do my best, try to get a whole year in if possible, then try for something a little more closer to the north.  

Life has been chugging on for me.  Trying to keep cool in the heat of summer.  Especially since I hate staying indoors, when I can be out exploring, but for my health, I try to limit the outdoors to early mornings.  

Gonna try to get to the pecan street festival next month.  Plus going to start attending church again.  Stay tuned as well.  Well this is it for now, until the next time.  Enjoy!

Checked off.

So another thing checked off my list of things to do in Austin.  Oh about 5 or so years ago, when I had another blog, I had made a list of the things I wanted to do, and there were plenty that included my move to Austin, and in that the things that Austin had to provide, one of which was the Trail of Lights tour.  Checked off my list Saturday.  I and a friend went down to Zilker Park, and did the trail of lights, and it was awesome, beyond what my mind had expected.  Some told me not to get too excited, but pshh on them, I was all excited.  One for the fact, that I was attending this, and another because I had never gone on a light tour, so much fun indeed.

The trip started with a bus ride to pick up friend at another bus stop, took my umbrella, because the forecast called for lots of rain, and cold, good to be prepared right.  So stopped at designated stop, got off and met friend, walked over to her car, and in that instant figured out I had left my umbrella onboard the bus that had just pulled off and was on its way.  Doh!  Another umbrella lost, but my coat had a hoodie on it, so I was protected just in case the rains came.

We caught the next metro rapid bus, to downtown where we picked up a shuttle that was going to the trail of lights, in fact this shuttle would be dropping us off right there, no fuss, no wait, no crazy parking, it only cost five dollars per person, round trip, so I paid both our ways, and it was easy, breezy, peasy.  Next stop, Trail of lights.    We got there, got off the shuttle and proceeded to enjoy the lights.  Here are just a few photos I took that night.  It was so much fun, I had a good friend there to enjoy the time with, and got another thing checked off my Austin List.


Beyond 365

Day 243:

Today I am…  Giving You A Look.  Into my adventure from yesterday, remember how restless I was, well I did something about it.  I took a trip on down to the Zilker Botanical Gardens.  That is right, a solitary trip down to where the flowers, plants, and trees do bloom and then some.  So today my loyal readers and friends, I present to you some of the photos of nature.  Do enjoy them, this fine Sunday morning.

Today I am…  Giving You A Look.




Zilker botanical gardens

down the path

falling water


little lizard

beautiful red

Beyond 365

Day 130:

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!  That is right friends, and readers, today I got a new pair of kicks.  My feet feel really free of aches.  Picture below.



I plan on getting a back-up pair as well.  I got these at the Barton Creek Payless.  Oh yes, that good old Barton Creek Mall.  My mom loves to go there when she is in town, so we had to stop on by.  She found some good deals on some blouses, and got some make-up, she has been splurging as well, while down here.  It is so good to see her smile.

Now tomorrow we will be going downtown to the Capitol.  And I am also taking her to Toy Joy.  Didn’t eat at any place new today, she wanted her favorite asian food at the food court, so it was all good.  She finally, saw some of UT  and was amazed how big and spread out it is.  So having mucho fun with my mom.

Well my friends and loyal reader’s I am also celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging on this blog.  Happy anniversary to me!  Many, many, many more blogs to come.  And I hope that you all will continue to tune into this blog of mine.

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!

Pow to the Wow!

As I sit here thinking about the spectacular event that went on yesterday at the Toney Burger center, it reminds me that I am so blessed to be able to see different cultures and learn about their way of life.  So yesterday was the 22nd Austin Indian Powwow.  They have one every year, which is awesome, I learned something new, now that I know I will most likely put that on my calendar for next year.  Hopefully next time my mom can attend, and I will have a better camera to take photos with, yes, still working on that as well.  Anyway it was a beautiful day, left early to get there before it started, since it was in South Austin, and the bus ride was a long one.  Got there before the event started, so got a pretty good seat.  They started out with drumming and the opening where all the Indian tribes came in, it was amazingly beautiful.

They gave us details of the clothing and what it symbolized, they danced and sung and told amazing stories through the dancing and singing.  it was a great time had, and I am really glad that I found this, and went.  Art, culture, and photos.  I love Austin.

Here I share some of the photos I took, hope you enjoy them.























Yes, I know it is a lot of photos, but from the many I took, I like these shots the best.  Anyway, enjoy, and until the next photo adventure.

Marching to the beat

So I have finally got around to posting just some of the photos I took of the Marching band competition in South Austin, a couple of weeks ago, OK, I think it was three weeks ago basically, anyhow, I scrolled through my photos, and picked out some.  Hope you enjoy.


5a band

1 of only two 5A bands they had there.  Very Awesome band, very large band as well.


Ann Richards school band

This was an all girl school band, they played very well.  I was very impressed.

All Girl school marching band



The other 5A band, this one was from San Antonio, they were bad ass!  They were a very large band as well, it made me smile, they reminded me of Central’s Band in San Angelo.  Same colors and all.

Flag girls

Loved the colors the flag girls displayed, they were pretty good.



San Antonio marching band


Another bad ass band, in fact they pretty much won their rankings overall.  Wimberly marching band.


I love this kind of stuff, this is exciting, and fun to watch and photograph.

Next Saturday I am hoping to attend the Austin Indian heritage Pow Wow.  Stay tuned for those pics…