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Strolling along…

To the sweet sounds of carolers on the steps of the capitol, so many people were down at the capitol last night, so what all the to do was about, well last night was the lighting of the capitol tree, and a down town stroll.  I had missed the last two tree lighting due to weather, and also being ill.  So being the weather was pretty dang perfect, and I was feeling pretty cheery as well, it was the perfect time to go down town and see that tree.

So I invited my mom to come along, and we boarded the bus and headed downtown.  We got there during the middle of the caroling, then it was time to light the tree.  People were buzzing about, and there was a slight chill in the air, nothing that was too much.  It was really nice out, so we gathered around the tree, and the countdown began.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…  Lights on, and all smiles and cheers.  There was a light show, the tree itself bright with lights, sparkle and glitter.

With that, there was a downtown stroll, and food available, smells, sights, and sounds.  A perfect time, with perfect company.  With all that, here are some photos of the night.  Enjoy.

Beyond 365

Day 303:

Today I am…  Joyful!  For family, mom and dad have come down.  So both dads are here.  Dad and sister leave out this morning, heading towards Houston.  Before they go, we are all getting together for breakfast at IHOP.  I will say!  This has been a awesome 41st birthday.  I only expect the best. 

We went to the capitol and they saw it for the first time!  They were impressed.  Then we went to the Barton Mall, that is where my sister, bought me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet. All smiles from me.  We are going to make it a point to keep in better touch.  Life is good.

Today I am…  Joyful!

Beyond 365

Day 124:

Today I am… ToyRiffic!  I know I have been busy, the news is that Toy Joy, the best toy store in Austin, has been re-deemed.  A local buyer, bought it and it is re-opening today.  The buyer has also decided to keep it where it is, and to hire on the last owners of the store, so they can continue to run it.  This truly makes my heart happy, and puts a smile on my face.

This also means, that I am going to be able to take my mom there, when she comes down next weekend.  This is an opportunity that I am not going to miss.  So that means a trip downtown, also to the capitol, and perhaps down to lady bird lake.  Since I’ve got those days off when she comes down, I am going to squeeze a couple of new things in.  I love when she comes down, because that gives me opportunities to show her My Austin.  It’s nice to explore the city you’re in by yourself every once in a while, how else are you going to get to know it.  But I tell you it is so much better exploring it with another person, someone who marvels at the beauty, and enjoys it as much as you do, possibly even more.

Today I am ToyRiffic!

Beyond 365

Day 112:

Today I am…   Looking at History.  To all the men that served in the Vietnam war, looking at the photos I took yesterday, when I went down to the capitol.  There were some veterans down there at the memorial, it was really nice.  As I stood there, I knew I was looking at history.  So here are some of the photos I took.  Hope you enjoy.

Today I am…  Looking at History.


memorial wreath 1



memorial monument for the vietnam vets

memorial wreath 2

Vietnam Vetrans Memorial

memorial wreath 3


The Capitol Effect

I am not sure, but the capitol of Texas could be just one of the most photographed capitols.  I could be wrong, but I know I am doing my part, I can’t even tell you how many times I photograph the capitol.  I guess you can say I love photographing it, and today as I went downtown, my eyes saw new things to photograph there.  The inside was closed due to the new year’s holiday, but the grounds were a free for all.  I saw it through new eyes, I suppose you can say new year’s eyes.

around the extension area

Outside the extension building


Capital black and white

Capitol photo

Cloudy skies over the capitol photo

Peak of the capitol photo

Yellow flowers in the window

Plaque photo

Texas memoral wall

Memorial wreath





Texas peace officers memorial wall photo

Beyond 365

Day 7:

Today I am…  Killing two birds with one stone.  So being an off day for me, I decided to hop on the bus and find the Frank Erwin Center.  The bus driver’s told me which busses’ to catch, which ones would get me right in front of the center.  Off to the races I go, so I went downtown, caught the 10 bus and sure enough rode it right in front of the center.  So now I know personally.  I decided to continue on and see where else the bus ran, and wouldn’t you know it goes through the UT campus, where it also stops by the Bass Concert Hall.  Indeed friends, I have been wondering where it was, now I know that as well.  Knowing is half the battle, so I have heard.

I am still tooling around on this bus, making my way back to 10th and Congress, where I will just stop on by the capitol again and then some. 

Today I am…  Killing two birds with one stone.

Beyond 365

Day 4: 

Today I am…  Connected.  That’s right friends, today I got home internet, now I can scurry around the inter webs in the comforts of my pj’s on a cold, wet, winter day.  Yes, I have made it to the minors, looking to graduate to the big leagues next; that would be cable 🙂 hmm…  perhaps I will receive a flat screen for Christmas, oh just a thought.

Well, on this off day from the party that I call employment, mom and I are on the bus heading down to the capitol.  Oh the joys of downtown Austin.  Going to check out the Christmas tree at the capitol.  I have been enjoying her.  Tonight we will decorate the tree.  Minus tree lights.  Might have to get some later, will see how it looks without.  So keeping well entertained this Friday the 13th.  Indeed, today I am… Connected.