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Sweet & Sour Thursday

The sweet side:  Today was a beautifully sunny day.  Not really sure what the temps got up to, but once I got out of bed this morning, and looked out the door and saw sun, nothing else really mattered.  I knew I had to get out and soak it up; while it lasted.

I had been wanting to head down to Big Top Candy shop , today was perfect.  So I headed to catch the bus, for my adventure.  It was so pleasant on the bus this time.  Finally reached my destination.  I will say this, if you love candy, this is the place for you.  Filled with every kind imaginable.   A couple of photos I took.





Indeed, there was candy to be had….

The Sour side:  what I had bought, were the candy sticks.  Different flavors too.  But, in the process of getting off the bus, my carefully bought candy sticks were left behind.  Ugggh!!!!  A bit upsetting, but as the french would say.  C’est LA Vie!  Translation…  That’s life.  I am sure someone is enjoying this sweet treat.  At least, there are photos.  There will be another trip to this delightful shop.  Today, was a great day.


Side of JO’s Coffee.

Life is full of sweet and sour.  This is My Austin 2015.

Two for the price of One

So in this blog, you will be getting two reviews from me about Home Slice Pizza, and Hey Cupcake.


So I have been looking at Home Slice Pizza for a while now, always passing by it, well today I stopped by and got a slice of Authentic NY Style pizza, now see I have never had Authentic NY style pizza, so I have nothing to gauge it from, but from the taste of it, I am giving Home Slice a thumbs up.


A slice at home slice

Thin crust pizza, very flavorful, and the crust wasn’t hard, it tasted really delicious.  I suggest this pizza place to pizza lovers.  It is on South Congress Ave.  The Homeboy’s at Home slice make it yummalicious.


Now for Hey Cupcake…



They have a very cute trailer, I have also been eyeing this place since before I moved here.  Lots of talk about the cupcakes.  So today I decided to just go try it; and see for myself.  The price for one cupcake is about $ 3.00.  I chose the Sweet Berry cupcake.  A strawberry cupcake with a strawberry cream cheese icing, with crystalized sugar sprinkled on top, kind of gave it a sparkly look.


Sweetberry cupcake

So now time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about.  Upon first bite, I found it to be quite dense.  the cake part tasted of strawberry, but how can I say…  It felt heavy, a thickness as I ate into it, not at all what my mind or taste buds had envisioned lol.  The icing was strawberry, but it wasn’t overpowering sweet, it was subtle, that I liked, even though I love sweet things, the cupcake wasn’t so sweet, that is good.  As for the price I think  three bucks is a bit much.  Perhaps it was just the flavor of cupcake I chose, who knows…  I personally think since tasting it, that they make too much of a fuss, I do not really see much special about Hey cupcake, now this is just my own opinion.  If you want to know how good or not good they are, I suggest you try it out yourself.  As for me, that is one trailer checked off my Austin List.  Many more to come.

The first bite is…

The sweetest.   A lot can be said about that, but in this case; it really is the sweetest.   View the picture below, this is of the donut that I consumed.


Bring on the Heath donut

The name of this particular donut is called “Bring on the heath”. It has toffee heath crunch bars and the inside of the donut is a cream cheese filling, oh my! Yes indeed, talk about a sweet overload. It was so very rich and very delicious. One thing that I said I was going to do once I moved here, was to enjoy the food trucks and trailers of Austin, and this is what I am starting to do, one trailer and truck at a time.

Gourdough's donut trailer

Gourdough’s is awesome. A must try for all at least once, if not more.  As a friend told me, once you try them, other donuts will just be a memory.  I think she is right. They are on the corner of 6th street, if you are ever in Austin, please try them, you will not be disappointed.


Until the next truck or trailer, stay tuned.