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So here I sit at work, in the breakroom, on the computer, typing this out. I have yet to figure out the work/life balance. I wake up way too early, spend 8 hours at work, come home and I am exhausted, watch a movie, eat, then off to bed, just to do the same things over the next day. When I am off, I try to fill my time exploring or trying something new, sometimes it works, other times it is a fail. I have to figure this thing out, one thing I need to do it eat better, and exercise, perhaps once I am on top of that, the rest will slide into place. Until then, it is a constant battle of trying to get what needs to be gotten in. Stay tuned!

Welp, SXSW is in full swing, with the music portion of the festivale, I was thinking about going; but decided I am just way to tired to deal. Perhaps next year, one never knows. I did happen to go to the free gaming part, it was pretty cool, a nerdist paradise.

The weather has been up and down these past few weeks, first beautiful sunny days, then cold rainy, wet, gray, dreary days. Spring starts tomorrow Officailly well, either tomorrow or Saturday, any way, here’s to beautiful days, and sunny skies. To be continued!

So if where ever you are, the sun is shining, get out and enjoy it.