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That would be taxes for another year, yes, finally got my w-2 and off the the free races it would be for me.  This year it was the Asian American resource center.  Thank God for free tax preparations.  So that is done, now just waiting on my refund, which is a lot more this year than last, which is well in time, because those bills wait for no one, and until I get my first training paycheck, this will have to tie me over.  For sure, new sketcher shoes will be on the list.  Gotta have some good kicks to do all my walking.

Can you believe that facebook is celebrating it’s 12th birthday, heck, seems like facebook should be a lot older, I can remember the first time I was turned on to facebook, I had no idea how to work it, posting on my wall, lol, I think in all, I have had 2 facebook accounts in my lifetime lol, or the 12 years, and only that due to the fact that my account got hacked one year, and I could not get into it, so I had to make another account, crazy indeed.

Not  a whole lot to chat about, but just wanted to update things, until the next time, enjoy your day.

Beyond 365

Day 118:

Today I am…  Finished!  That’s right you heard it, I am finished with my taxes for another year.  Oh you thought something else didn’t you, well it’s just the taxes this year.  I braved the wet, cold, windy weather today; this my only day off, and boarded the bus to downtown, to where they were doing taxes for free.  The line was long, but in actuality, most of the people there were getting some kind of insurance assistance and I was 3rd in line to get my taxes done.  Oh what a joy that was, I was in and out in less than an hour.  I promise to not wait this long to get my taxes filed.  Now that I know where they are located and how really easy it is to get the bus to it, there is no more excuses ever!

Now I am back home, with a shower cap on my head for I am deep conditioning my hair today, then washing it.  So while I do all that, I will check out the new stuff they have going on Netflix, and call my mom, oh yeah, I suppose I need to go find something to eat before all of that.  Well reader’s and friends, here’s to the rest of the Sunday left, hope that you have had a really well weekend, and may the start of your new week be ever in your favor.

Today I am…  Finished!