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Nailed it!

That would be the interview I had scheduled for today, yes, I nailed that bitch down.  They made me an offer right on the spot.  Now by no means does it mean I am all the way in, I am in by way of getting the offer, and starting the intense 7 week training leading up to the actual job, if you know what I mean.  I start the training on the 8th of next month.  It is Monday thru Friday, from 8 to 5, for seven weeks, 4 weeks training, 2 weeks of phone and being on the floor, taking calls, and putting in what you have learned, and 1 week of everything else, then if that is aced, then I will be on the floor and one of the agents there.  Oh Lord, thank you.  I am going to have to really buckle down, take notes like no ones business and get my mind prepared to do this.  New year, new endeavors.  That interview, might have been the hardest I had to do, but I prepared a little more than usual.  I am just thanking the Lord for more opportunities that keep on coming my way.  Stay tuned…

In light of great news for me, sad news for the world once again, Glen Frey died the other night.   So very tragic,  I wanted to see The Eagles when they performed here in Austin last year, but was not able to do that.  Here today, gone tomorrow at times, may he rest in peace.  This starting year, has really been a sad beginning in the world of music, and television.

Speaking of television, I just started watching this show on NetFlix last night, the first season of The Gates.  It is about a gate guarded community, and the new police chief that is in charge of policing it.  Behind the gates, hold lots, and lots of secrets. Vampires, witches, wearwolves, oh my!  So many secrets.  I am liking it, so tonight I just may finish up this first season.  Looking forward also to season 6 of Game of Thrones, as well, but that is not until April.  Hi ho friends, off to watch The gates, here’s to a great day, and awesome night, along with awesome winter weather here in Austin, sun shine, and smiles.

Amazing show

I don’t know where this show came from, but it is a Marvel show, it is called Jessica Jones, and I just finished watching the last episode on netflix last night, it is Amazing.  Woah, with a Capital Woah!  It was a little slow going in the beginning, but it blasted out of orbit as I continued to watch, I am pretty much drooling at the mouth, wondering when the new season will begin.  I will say, that if you haven’t watched it, Go, go now and watch it, It is on Netflix.

What A Game…

Mom bought the first season of The Game of Thrones.  My, my, my and a game it is.  Awesome storyline, great acting, could use less nudity; plenty of carnage, in all I say…  Where the heck have I been all this time.  I am going to have to do plenty of catching up.  This show is awesome!  I practically stayed up till midnight watching it, knowing I had to be up at four am to get ready for work, oh yes, I may suffer today on the grind, but I do knowing it was well worth it.  I  have a new obsession!  Let the games begin!

Love knows no ending

Five years ago, I fell madly in love.  With the show Justified!  Yes,a television show like none I have ever seen.  It had gorgeous characters and brilliant writing.  I was hooked when I laid my eyes upon Deputy Marshall Raylin Givens, as played by timothy Oliphant.  It was a love affair that lasted six seasons.  Oh yes, we have had out differences; but overcame them.  Oh he left a trail of bodies from Miami to where it ended in Harlin Kentucky.  From the first scene with him telling one Tommy Bucks to leave Miami in 24 hours or he would shoot him.  To which he did, shoot Tommy bucks that is; to his  show down with or drawdown with Boone in the end.  It has been one hell of a show, with everything in between.


Yes indeed, I am madly in love with this show , love knows no ending; even though the show ended this year, and I have all the seasons for my collection.  I totally love the ending and how they wrapped or tied it all up.  I swear, most shows leave you with a fairly bad taste in your mouth, Justified was not that kind of show.  Sure, it could have continued to go on( I wish it would have), but the way they closed it out was top notch writing and superb acting.  For that I thank you Graham Yost, And the late Elmore Leonard.  This was truly a show for the ages.  If you have not watched it, download or go buy the DVD.  I highly recommend.  My love for this show has  been Justified!

Beyond 365

Day 281:

Today I am…  Sending Off.  My parents that is, back down the road to Angelo, as I sit here and type this out, mom is cooking breakfast for her JR.  It is all good, today they get back on that long road back, it has been a swell time having them down, we went to Luby’s in Round Rock, and also to The Sam’s Club, good to know where these things are, just in case I move to Round Rock.  Then we went to the movies, we saw, The Guardians of the Galaxy, it was really funny, there was a tear jerker moment, but in all it was pretty dang good.

I finally finished all the The BlackList, it was really, really, really, good, now I am on to another series, but today will be about movies, mom got 300 Rise of an Empire, which she will be leaving down here with me, and I bought Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, so pretty much going to spend the rest of this day movie watching.  For I am back at work tomorrow.  I have so enjoyed these past few days with the rents, but back to everyday life.  So enjoy this day my friends and readers.

Today I am…  Sending Off.

Beyond 365

Day 278:

Today I am…  Intrigued!  That’s right my loyal reader’s.  Deborah has a new Netflix series addiction.  “The BlackList”  it stars James Spader, oh my, and it is thrilling, I am liking it mucho gusto!  I just turned it on yesterday evening once I got out of work, have been seeing it on there, but always passed it up, well decided to see what it was all about, and boy am I glad I stopped at it.  I have it all cued up right now, and once I finish this post, it is going on.  If you should happen across it on your Netflix, I highly recommend it.  Good watching.

So after work, called mom, they are on their way this way.  This is the last time I will see both for a bit, dad is going to be heading back to work, so won’t get to see him, he still has to get his lens put into his eye, that will take place in a couple of days.  He also has to pass the eye part of his physical, so that also will take place next week some time, So they will be here till Wednesday, always glad to see them, tonight I am making spaghetti.  So until tomorrow my reader’s enjoy the end of your weekend, and may the start of the new week bring nothing but blessings and Joy.

Today I am…  Intrigued!

Beyond 365

Day 244:

Today I am…  Onto a new series.  On Netflix that is, I have been seeing this every time I click on television shows, so now I have decided to stop and finally watch it.  There are apparently 3 seasons of it on Netflix, I am just in to episode 3 of the first season.  It is Continuum.  I am finding it really good, yes sometimes, it takes a while for me to get to things, but when I do, I always kick myself and say, where have I been, why didn’t I watch this while it was on television, but that is neither here or there, it is a beginning for me and I am liking it a lot.  So as I put on some chicken to bake for dinner, I am about to switch on Netflix and get on it.  So Happy Monday Y’all, and hope that you are enjoying what is left of it.

Today I am…  Onto a new series.

Beyond 365

Day 235:

Today I am…  All Worked Out!  That is right my friends, and reader’s, I just got off work an hour or so ago, and now I am home, ready to get my grub on, and kick back to watch season 4 and the series finale of “The Killing”, here on Netflix.   I started watching it last night, got through 3 episodes, really two, I fast forwarded the third episode to the end, I was way to curious to see what was going to happen.  Now I am going back to watch the complete episode, and move on from there.  I should be done with the entire thing before I lay my head down to go to sleep tonight.

Whew!, the weather outside is muggy, but a breeze is blowing through as well.  I haven’t seen any rain, but can’t say there still won’t be any.  So this is about it for today my reader’s and friends, here’s to a fabo weekend, keep it fun, safe and always enjoy what ever you do or do not do.

Today I am…  All Worked Out!

Beyond 365

Day 219:

Today I am…  Picking it up!  Today I got trained on my seventh client at work, a fairly easy client it is, more data entry type of client, so dealing with inputting lots of numbers.  Yes, that is a smile on my face, just in case you didn’t see it.  I really am officially a tier 2 now, so that means a bit more change on the pay scale, not a lot more, but a bit is better than none.  This week has turned out to be pretty good, good indeed.

Got a little bit of rain or sprinkles today, looks like more is coming, but shall see, it has cleared up the humidity a little bit, and that is good for breathing purposes, in fact I have been feeling awesome the last couple of days, I think all that I have had is pretty much in the rear view.

So I actually finished all of Luther last night.  Season two and three were pretty short, but pretty powerful, so hopefully there will be more on Netflix.  For tonight I break out the dvd’s I think I will watch I Robot, always ass spankable, as shia le boeuf would say.  Anyway, I love this movie, so on that note, here’s to moving on up and getting new clients, and a few more cents in pay, and to awesome movies starring Will Smith.

Today I am…  Picking it up!