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Beyond 365

Day 350:

Today I am…  Feeling Well!  I am getting stronger, this little cold is being defeated.  With the last few days of this month, things are going good.  Tomorrow is Thanks Giving, I am always thankful for what the Lord puts into me.  Ah!, yes it is another good day indeed.

Cold out this morning, but suppose to hit a warm 70.  That makes me smile.  So time for me to get this day…err morning started.  Keep it gun and lively y’all!

Today I am…  Feeling Well!

Beyond 365

Day 344:

Today I am…  Setting the mood.  For Thanksgiving that is.  One week or seven days till that day.  I was going to cook myself s nice little thanksgiving meal, but plans have changed.  I will be hanging out with Pat, that is after work.  We will go eat out,then catch a movie.  Looking forward to this.  New and exciting season.

Today I am…  Setting the mood.

Beyond 365

Day 330:

Today I am…  Listing it off!  Yes, I have been thinking about the Thanks Giving holiday.  Now last year,I spent it with Riki and her family,but this year I am well ready to do this on my own.  Mom may not make it down, and it is a blackout day on the work schedule meaning, that we an not schedule to have that day off.  I am aware some will get it off and some will not, so If I do have to work that day…  it is what it is.  So I am going to prepare my first little Thanks Giving meal.  Not a whole lot,I do not want yo overwhelm myself.  Just a chicken maybe cornbread dressing, ham, with cranberry sauce.  Of course Pecan Pie, I think I might just have to pick one up from Royer’ pie haven.  Anyway. I am feeling tings of excitement here.  Oh! This is a season of many Thanks.

Today I am…  Listing it off!

Beyond 365

Day 325:

Today I am…  Getting.  An extra hour of sleep.  Well I will tonight when I turn back the clock.  That’s right friends and readers.  Daylight saving time ends, so we can all fall back an hour for more beauty rest.  Of course I have tomorrow off, so I will probably sleep in.  So don’t forget to roll those clocks back tonight.  Yes indeed.

Today I am…  Getting.

A baking we will go

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day.  What will you be giving thanks for, and more important what will be on your menu?  This year I will be spending it with new friends.  What is on the menu, I do not know, but looking forward to finding out and eating.  I am bringing whole wheat pumpkin bread though.  Baked by my on hands.  Photo below.


Here’s hoping it is well liked.  Baked it today since I have to work tonight and do not have time, so all that is left for me is to be picked up and taken to the destination. 

I am very thankful this year.  May your holiday be filled with blessings, family, friends and plenty of good eats.