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Beyond 365

Day 97:

Today I am…  A bit sad.  Today I braved the blustery, cold windy gusts of the day to head down town to the best toy store ever.  Today was Toy Joy’s last day of being open.  I had to get down there to give it a proper good-bye.  Especially to the Rody’s.  Sure we made peace with one another, but still had to say good-bye.  Oh the memories I had there, nice, and very much fun.  Even though I had only been there twice to the old place before they moved to this new spot, and a couple of times at the new spot.  I have to say Toy Joy will hold a special place in my heart.  If you care to read about their story, I have added the link here, just click on it.

Of course I did not walk away without a little souvenir , I got myself a mini rody, so toy joy will be with me still.  Where ever the two end up, I wish them well, it was a truly amazing store.


Toy Joy toy shop

Last of the Rody round up

mini rody

Today I am…  A bit sad.