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Sunflower in the light…

Oh lovely sunflower in the light, beautiful yellow, dazzling bright. Your petals full of love and grace, as I run my lonely race.  Light the path, full and bright, sun shine on your smiling face. Standing tall, through it all.  Never sad, or tears to fall, always a smile, when morning draws.  Oh lovly sunflower in the light, I promise to never give up the fight.

Just something I wrote thinking of mom this day.  She loved sunflowers ,as do I.  So beautiful and bright.  Wishing her a happy mother’s Day.  Always in my heart.  I love you mom😚

The time has come…

For me to finally move back into my apartment.  Today, after work I will collect my cat princess, and move her and I into my apartment.  Yes, its been a long time coming, and so much has gone on, so now I am ready.

Fixed my apartment up, so it is cat ready.  I can finally sleep in my own bed again. Which makes me happy.  Oh so happy!  Once again, a new start for me.

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…



moms kid picture bw


This was my mom as a kid, I can see the resemblance in all three of us, my sister and brother.  She was an only child by her mother.  Strong willed, and so very independent.  And so very missed.  My mom was a giver, she was nice and caring; but she was also a Scorpio, and if you got on her bad side, you better watch out!  There are a lot of personality traits I got from her, some not so good, but most very good.  I am so blessed to have had her for 43 of my years.  Mom I love you.

The Taxes are done man!!!

Yet for another year, my taxes are done.  And I don’t have to pay a penalty for not having no health insurance for all of last year, apparently I qualified for some credits.  Hey, I am happy about that, and I also get my refund back.  Now I am going to spend part getting a sectional for my apartment.  Of course bills, bills, and more bills, and savings.  Tis life.  And on that note, this blog is done. Until then,,,  enjoy.