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Beyond 365

Day 32:

Today I am…  Putting it down, making it plain.  What you may be asking am I making plain, well this year is the year of Vision.  My vision to be more exact.  I will be creating my vision board, I had made one several years ago, and I wanted to continue with my visions, so I am making one.  Once I have it together, you will get to see it.  I have always heard write it down, make it plain, tell God, watch it come to pass, if it’s His Will, and well I have seen it come to pass, and things are still coming to pass with me, so I continue to write it down, make it plain, with my vision board, it will be more plain, and something that I can also see everyday as I go about my business, knowing that as I work for and towards these visions, that they will come to pass.  I have Faith, and as I am learning everyday that we don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need, and it may not come in the way we plan or attempt to get it, but sometimes in a way that we never expected, or saw. 

I have been thinking about vision boards for a couple of weeks now, seeing a couple of online that are inspiring, it got me to really thinking about my past vision board, and the one I am about to make up now, some things on this board will be continuing visions, and of course new visions, I am pretty excited to get this started.  Dream big, go after what is important, never give up.  Yes, I am so very excited.  Stay tuned reader’s.

Today I am…  Putting it down, making it plain.