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Beyond 365

Day 246:

Today I am…  Almost there.  To the weekend that is, today is the middle of the week, and I have two more days till my weekend starts, yup, I do enjoy looking forward to my weekends, having worked all week, now it i will be time to rest and do what ever I want to really do, that is if I want to do or not do.

It has been a long month, for today my step-dad, has to have cataract surgery, but The Lord will keep him.  Then afterward in a couple of days both mom and step-dad will be down to visit me, more of a rest and relaxation couple of days, but all is good, I love it when they are able to come for a visit.

Work is work, almost had a new client yesterday, but there will be more to land.  So for now that is what is what on this Wednesday, here’s to the middle of the week, may all be blessed with a great day.

Today I am…  Almost there.