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Starting over again

So I have been exercising the past five days.  I have been in a downward spiral for a very long time emotionally and physically, so I have begun the process of climbing out of my pit.  I have not liked what I have been seeing in myself, and I know if I continue the way I am going, nothing good will come of it.

So I begin again, may this beginning bring prosperous change inside and out.

I wonder…

How much weight I have lost, really…  I mean it is so humid and hot out here and I am constantly out in this heat walking, I am sure that I have shed some kinds of pounds in all this.  I am going to have to get me a scale pretty soon, good grief!  My mind is finally getting bored on my evening walk, I mean I walk the same place every day that I can, and I am not going to go any further because that would make getting back to the apartment before dark impossible, I mean I start out walking around 7 to 7:30 in the evening and make it back around 8:30, and by that time the sun has set and it is starting to get around the time you know it will be dark before long.  I walk a long ways, so I don’t want to go to much further, and I don’t want to go back the other way which is around IH 35, way too much traffic that way, I can always try past the library, which I went the first time, there is some kind of business that way further, not sure what it is, could investigate that, but for now, I think that I am going to start in on doing workouts inside the apartment, need to really focus on this tummy.  and slimming down the hips lol.  Want to be looking dang hot in my clothing, well at least cool.  I want to buy some new threads; but that will come once I get a job, at least somewhere in there.  Good thing the clothing I do have are not worn out lol.  I still look pretty dang fly in them, or at least presentable lol.  Lets just say you wouldn’t think that the circus was in town if you saw me.  Unlike the characters I have seen around these parts…  OyVey!!!  Another story for another day.

So my mom and her friend will be down here this coming Saturday, will be nice to see her.  I like this, meaning where I see my mom this way, not in an everyday setting, but every two weeks or so.  I thought that I would be some kind of homesick once I was away from San Angelo, but you know what; I am not.  In fact I cried once when they left the first time and that was for like 5 min or less, then the tears dried up, and I proceeded to get things done around the apartment.  The second time my mom came I didn’t cry at all once she left, no sadness or anything, I miss her yes, but there are no more tears like there was before.  I welcome her visits.  Of course she still calls like 4 or 5 times a day, and wants me inside before it gets dark; at the moment my life consists of doing things in the daytime, where I am not out past a certain time so I am in before dark, all locked up.  I am sure that is to change once I start working and when I make and meet friends and new people.  Stay tuned for that as well.  No hurries yet, just taking my time on the other things, if you know what I mean.  😉

Well my time is almost up here at the library, want to get back to the coolness of my apartment, and put in Dune on my computer and enjoy the rest of my Sunday, so friends, hope that you are enjoying yours as well.  Until the next time.