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The End…

After 12 years, the end has finally come for windows xp, yes, there will be no more updates for this operating system.  I remember it like it was just yesterday, trying to figure it out, but once I got the hang of it, well it was history, lol.  I have not switched over to anything else for this desktop computer, it will continue on, I am going to have to get some more virus protection for it though, just in case.  But since this is my only means of computing at the moment, it will have to keep on keeping on.  I do plan on getting a laptop computer, they are way cheap at the walmart or target, so that will be my upgrade until I can get this one outfitted with the upgrade it needs, and I don’t plan on doing that myself, I will just take it to a computer shop and have them install what I need for it.  Essentially I will have two computers.  But until that materializes, this loyal baby will have to keep on running xp.  Have you switched over?