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Just Today…

Just today, I really did nothing much, I put in a couple of applications online, then went out into the cold blowing day with my mom, something about groceries.  Came home, well actually her apartment, and cooked with her, yum meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Looking around I shot this photo of her cat, one day she may be might cat princess, she decided to get under the Christmas tree, she loves snoozing there from time to time.


Yeah, she is definitely going to wonder, where the new sleepy place went, when we finally take the tree down, this coming week.  She sure looks cute though.

Ugh, the sitting and waiting for calls can drive one to the brink, but patience  is a virtue, it will happen, it will happen.  At least There is the return of the shows I like watching, so that is a plus.  Welp friends, until the next time.

Beyond 365

Day 97:

Today I am…  A bit sad.  Today I braved the blustery, cold windy gusts of the day to head down town to the best toy store ever.  Today was Toy Joy’s last day of being open.  I had to get down there to give it a proper good-bye.  Especially to the Rody’s.  Sure we made peace with one another, but still had to say good-bye.  Oh the memories I had there, nice, and very much fun.  Even though I had only been there twice to the old place before they moved to this new spot, and a couple of times at the new spot.  I have to say Toy Joy will hold a special place in my heart.  If you care to read about their story, I have added the link here, just click on it.

Of course I did not walk away without a little souvenir , I got myself a mini rody, so toy joy will be with me still.  Where ever the two end up, I wish them well, it was a truly amazing store.


Toy Joy toy shop

Last of the Rody round up

mini rody

Today I am…  A bit sad.

Beyond 365

Day 93:

Today I am…  Moved.  By the wind that is.  Today the winds have been gusting 30 to 40 mph, and I felt a bit wind-blown.  I really hope it dies down, because the day has been beautiful.  I am loving that it stays light longer.  My oh my, this month is moving along at a swift pace, almost the middle of the month.  Before I know it, will have been here a whole year.  Smiles.

It is 6pm at the moment, and the sun is still shining good.  So I am going to enjoy the rest of the evening with some Netflix.  Here’s to a Wonderful Wednesday Y’all.

Today I am…  Moved.

Beyond 365

Day 49:

Today I am…  Holding on.  Just because the wind is fierce today, I am holding on trying not to get blown away in all of this.  Seems the warm weather we have had for the last couple of days is on its way out, and another cold front is moving in.  With all this wind blowing, I know it is blowing all that cedar around as well, I can feel myself getting itchy again.  Just need to make it through this work day, then I can come home and stay put inside, does not look like a good day to be out and about in this kind of wind.  Today is a short work day for me, I go this morning, and I am out in the afternoon, so it’s a win, win for me.

Today I am…  Holding on.