Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 45:

Mom in her younger years…  she smoked for a long time, and I was happy when she finally stopped at age 43, of course it took a heart attack to make it happen.  My mom was caring, she would give you the shirt off her back, or her last.  But never mistake that caring, or kindness for a weaknesd.  She would shut you down in a cowboy second.  As I have stated, my mom was the strongest person I have known in my life.  May you rest in peace strong woman.  I love and miss you.


Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 44:

How I miss mom’s smile.  But life goes on right.  Just another day of her feeling like she was on top of the world.  Always a good time spent.  I am so blessed, that we got the time as mother and daughter spent.  Much love mom.