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The One that got away…

So as the story goes,  sitting on the pond at lake Marble falls, not doing any fishing, just photographing things.  My mom hooked a big un’.  Well I have no photo to show, only because, it snapped her line, and got away.  Aww, but it was a huge one indeed.  She was using a piece of slim Jim as her bait.  I do think it was a bass, it was really big, and it really set the tone for her day, because she did not catch another big fish for the rest of the afternoon.  But that did not stop my dad from catching a nice haul, he caught a medium fish, then some smaller ones.  It was a perfect day for him, but in all it was a pretty good day out on the pond for all.  Here are some of the photos I took.


Here’s to having fun, good family, and fine fishing.  See you on the lake side of life.

Call to duty…

Jury duty that is.  Ah, I do know that it is my duty to serve on it, but that does not mean I have to like it, because I do not.  Especially with me just starting this training for this new job, but there is nothing much that can be done about that, so in two weeks I have to report to court.

Next week I start training and I am nervous, this is pretty much different from my last job, where I will actually be talking to people.  Excited and nervous, oh boy that makes for tummy troubles.

The weather have been absolutely gorgeous here in Austin, of course the cold weather is going to peek back in this week, starting tonight, but I know that pretty sun, will come perking it’s way back in, just have to hold on, because as we all know, I love sunny warm days.

Well, I almost forgot that today happens to be the first day of February, good-bye to January, and hello to February.  Here’s hoping that February brings nothing but greatness.  Now get out there and enjoy if possible.

A Day at the Museum

With my mom, this would be her first trip to an Austin museum, so I took her to The Blanton Museum downtown.  She loved it, now she can’t wait to go to more museums.  One of the things I love about having my mom living here in this city, is that there are more things to do with her, more food to eat, more places to see, and more things to do, yes, I love this city.

A Day at the Park

Today, I helped my mom take down here Christmas tree, sure, you are probably thinking that this should have been done a few weeks ago, well you are probably right, as would my mom be, but I convinced her to keep it up a few more weeks, but today was here point were she wanted it down, so it came down and got packed up for another year.

So then as the day went on, got together with my friend, and we took a trip out to Mayfield park, I had never been there, and for me, it was another adventure in Austin.  Here are a couple of photos that I took, the view was amazing to me, I would say it was peaceful, but that would be crazy, it was full of peacocks, and peacocks are loud, beautiful; but loud.  I still had a blast going to this park.


We were going to go to Mount Bonnel, but it was so crowded trying to find parking, think we will have to choose another day to hit that spot, from what little I’ve seen riding up that way, it will be a most awesome trip.  So I hope you enjoy these photos, because I had a great day today.

Beyond 365

Day 312:

Today I am…  Loving It!  Living here in Austin, I am thrilled, and full of excite!  Life is coming alive for me.  There are so many things I want to experience,and so many places I want to go,and I am going to start.  So many times I have said this or that, well, I am tired of saying.  I am going to do.  Yes, Life is coming alive for me.

Today I am…  Loving It!

Beyond 365

Day 107:

Today I am…  Comforted!  Yes, I raise my hands up to Him, for He is my comforter, as tears fall down my cheeks I know I am loved by Him.  He is my comforter.  Today’s message from Joyce Meyers.  It is so true, so true.  I am healing through my hurt, through the struggles, through all that is going on, I know, I know He is with me.  I could not have made it where I am today without Him, without knowing that He walked beside me through it all.  Yes, I raise my hands up to Him.

My life is good, no doubt, He has opened my eyes to more and more.  I am growing, and stretching, I thank you my Lord, for all that You have done, and continue to do for me.  GOD is the Source of all Comfort!  It has not been a smooth ride, I’ve had my ups and downs, and more tears than I ever thought I would have at this time, but it has also been tears of joy and tears of encouragement and tears of comfort.  Not all good, but not all bad either.  I praise Him, that I am where I am.  Through the loss and through the pain, come out knowing He is my comforter.  Thank you Lord.

Amen!  Everyday I see the blessings in my life, and when I think back, I see, I see it was all for the better, for me, and for the situation around.  The relationship that I lost, wasn’t a loss, it was a gain, sure at that time, my eyes couldn’t see it, but I see it everyday, through the people I meet, the job I have, the life I am living.  There is still a faint pain, but this too shall pass.  Life goes forward, and that is what I am doing, going forward.  Thank you Father God, for without You, I would be a mess, and with You, I am stronger each and every day.

Today I am…  Comforted!