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Not on the bright side…

My asthma and allergies flared up bad this morning, I was to work today, but decided to call out and head down to the walk in clinic.  Where I got some medication for my flare up, they put me on some prednisone, to reduce the inflammation, and I am still able to take OTC mucinex and  also do my breathing treatment as well.  I have a note that puts me off work for two days, but only going to take today off.  I will be back at work in the am.  It has been a pretty hard day.  I really do not think I could have made it at work today anyway, I am so achy, from all the coughing, I just want it all to stop.

Yesterday made it a solid month since mom has been gone, we made it, teary eyed, and full of memories, but we made it.  I made it.  I go to church every Sunday with my family, Trying to get back to God, trying to get closer to Him, and His Word. It will take time, but I am committed to doing this.

Another day, another way.  Keeping it moving forward.


Life and all that jazz.

Today was a cold day, it was cold and windy, brrrr!  Not the kind of weather that I enjoy, but it was, what it was.  I got out today with my mom, she had to go get an eye exam, and a pair of glasses, she has finally entered the world of transition glasses.  I hope she enjoys it, I know I do.  Now just getting her to keep them on her face all day lol, when do we become parents to our parents.

Well, tomorrow it is paper work for me to fill out with this new job.  I am excited and scared, because it is pretty different from what I feel in my comfort zone, but to be anything more in life, I am going to have to constantly get out of my comfort zone, to venture out and to free myself, from the bonds of what I feel afraid of.

Well finished season 3 of wentworth, it was well worth it, I definitely like this show.  My allergies are running amuck, just put in some eyedrops, ugh, but am enjoying this spring type of weather we have been having, just with patches of cold, blustery, grey, ugh. Welp enough about life and all that jazz, until the next time, enjoy.


Oh the itchy, watery, scratchy eyes, yes!  Ceder fever is in full swing, here in Austin!  Not only is it freezing cold today, but my eyes are burning with allergies.  No, I am not happy, I am taking some claritin-d tabs, I do think I might need something stronger.  I can’t stay in all day, got to get out, hit the road, and get moving about, so I am going to have to fight this with all I have.  Ugh!

On a sad note today, David Bowie had died.  A very weird and musical genius, who I will miss dearly, loved his music, and his crazy styles, he was always reinventing himself and his music, just a sad day.  May he rest in peace, and condolences to his family.

So friends, family, and loyal readers, I say…  Will you have 1.3 billion reasons to buy a power ball ticket?  I know I do, yes, I will purchase me a ticket, hey it only takes 6 numbers to win it, and you can’t win it, if your not in it.  Indeed, indeed.  Well time to get this day started, until the next time.  Enjoy your day.

In the air tonight….

That would be the pollen, mold, cedar, pig weed, fungus, cactus, what ever else is floating around out there.  I am truly going to have to start wearing a mask, just to protect me from all the crud floating around.  Today and every day that I have gone to work, I encounter dandelions blown off their stems, floating in the air, just trying to cling for dear life onto me, I see all kinds of stuff billowing out of flowers and from blooming trees blowing in the wind, out to get me and the countless millions out there.  It is hard to avoid, so I end up coughing more, and sneezing trying to keep it at bay.  I really would have loved to have taken a photo, just to show you.  But I was literally on the run, trying to stay ahead and away from it.  Oyvey!  Me no liking this stuff.

Try to keep your sneezes in check my friends and readers.

Beyond 365

Day 143:

Today I am…  In Hyper ITCH MODE!  Indeed, indeed, the winds of spring blows in that stuff that makes you itch, sneeze, and basically want to claw your eyes and skin off.  My allergies are on Red Alert!  I have two more days to work, then I am off  Sunday.  I will be heading downtown to the Pecan street festival, and to the Cinco De Mayo celebration, so I am in great hopes to score some nice photos on my camera and on my instagram.  Stay tuned.

The posts are pretty short, I am exhausted from work, had to go to the bank to take care of some biz.  Now I am home and ready to just crash, for 3 am comes pretty darn quickly around these parts.  So hope your all enjoying yourselves.

Today I am…  In Hyper ITCH MODE!

Beyond 365

Day 44:

Today I am… Feeling the effects.  I have been nauseous since late last night, when I took an allergy tablet.  I am still feeling the effects of it this morning, and it is not good.  Even though I have had breakfast, it all feels as though it will come up and dance me around the room.  I have been drinking water, and I want to lie down, but I have work in a couple of hours, and I don’t need to be missing my bus.  Hopefully it will all subside as the day goes on, and all will be well.

Before I head out the door, I am making chicken tacos for dinner tonight, just want to make them before I go, so that when I get home, all I have to do is sit down and eat.  I bought some ground chicken, first time trying it out, will let you know if it was a success.  (smile).

Looking out my window, it is a bright, sunny day.  So here’s to it my reader’s.  May you have a bright sunny day as well.

Today I am…  Feeling the effects.

Beyond 365

Day 34:

Today I am…  Fighting Back!

That’s right I am at war, and the enemy is this cedar pollen, my allergies are in an uproar, and I have to keep diligently fighting the good fight of relief!  Oh my opponent thinks it has the upper hand, but I have weapons, weapons I am deploring at this very moment.  They may be a small bunch, but they are hearty and they are powerful, so I present to you my winning team.


relief 101

You have had your fun cedar, now it’s time for you to take the bench.  Oh yes!  They may be small; but they are a powerful team.

Today I am…  Fighting Back!

Beyond 365

Day 24:

Today I am… Itchy.  miserably itchy, itchy nose and eyes, sneezing and itchy throat!  I am not catching a cold, what I am getting is Ceder Fever.  Ugh!  My allergies are going haywire.  It seems to be worse in the morning to mid afternoons.  Benedryl happens to be my friend at the moment.  Hope this stuff goes away soon.  Not a happy camper.

Today I am…  Itchy!