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Moved back in…

To my apartment, me and the little girl.  She sniffed, slinked, and scurried around the place.  Meowing loudly, finally getting familiar with things.  She loves the new cat tree, got a real bargin at pet smart.  What I thought was 99 bucks, was on sale for 69 dollars.  Oh believe me, I spent money last night, between the cat and some food for myself, I almost wept, but it was necessary.

I now really look forward to coming home after a long days or nights work to see my kittie girl.  Now that she is mine and my responsibility.  Anyways, there are great responsibilities as a adult I have to do Monday, one of which, need to update my resume.  I am trying to stick with this job, for at least a year, not sure that will happen, as so much nonsense is going on there.  So that is that.

Last weekend, went to the free day at Zilker, went to the botanical garden.  Invited nephwe and sister who have never been, it was great fun.  Photos below.

Welp, until the next adventure, keep it fun.

The time has come…

For me to finally move back into my apartment.  Today, after work I will collect my cat princess, and move her and I into my apartment.  Yes, its been a long time coming, and so much has gone on, so now I am ready.

Fixed my apartment up, so it is cat ready.  I can finally sleep in my own bed again. Which makes me happy.  Oh so happy!  Once again, a new start for me.

Coming Home…

Tonight, my mom has been released from the hospital.  Yay!  She has to do some follow ups, and they are somewhere down town, but we will take a taxi to get her to them. I am glad she is coming home, I have missed her so much, you know…  You don’t know what you got until something happens, I know I need to be a bit more patient with her, I am working on that.  I love my mom very much.  I want to have more good times than the not so good times with her, as much as I can.

she is pretty much medicated to the hilt, so hopefully she sleeps well tonight, without much pain.  Got all her meds filled, and believe me there are a lot of them.  My oh my!  Anyway, that is the latest on my mom.

So today I stayed home and cleaned her apartment, so that it will be much easier for her to maneuver around her apartment, being there were lots of things that I had to put away.  I am tired now.  I did happen to get in the rest of The Get Down on netflix.  It is a awesome show, season 1.  I do hope there will be a season two, just have to wait and see.  Well that is about it for tonight, so until the next time.  Keep it nice and easy.

Summer clean up…

So today I took off work, needed a little mental break.  Today was well needed.  So me and mom did some end of summer claening of my storage.  When they came here a year ago, they stored their stuff in my storage.  So now, it is time to clean, throw away, shred, donate stuff they will not need.  We are almost done, with the exception of a couple of boxes.  Then the stuff they need to keep, and want to take to their apartment they can.  

Speaking of work, it has been going.  I am hanging in there, abour to go from tier 1 to tier 2 in another week.  I can say it can be trying at times;but nothing like my last call center job.  To be continued!!!

Beyond 365

Day 313:

Today I am…  Heading Home.  From a long day of work, long, but productive.  So now I go home, and cook.  Tonights dinner, burritos.  I have a taste for them.  I have the day off tomorrow, and will be doing nothing but resting.  It is nice on my days off.  So I will probably just watch movies.  Today has been a great day.  Here’s to enjoyment!

Today I am…  Heading Home.

Beyond 365

Day 223:

Today I am…  Wiped Out!  Spent, done, finished.  Today was a very hot and humid kind of day, and I am so very tired, so glad the work day is done, so glad that I am at home now, and so glad I can do nothing more but rest.  Indeed my reader’s today has been a good day no doubt, but it has also been a hot day.  So here’s to just relaxing at my casa, until the next time, hope you stay cool, if you are out in the heat today.

Today I am…  Wiped Out!

Beyond 365

Day 104:

Today I am…  Done.  Yes, done with the day, I have put the last of the laundry in the wash, and the dryer is going, I am now ready to sit down and watch some Netflix, they have some new movies on there.  I decided to watch both old and newer footloose movies, and can you say, remakes sucks.  The old is so much better, can you believe it’s been that long since that movie came out, man I’m feeling old lol.  Today has been a busy, busy, busy kind of day.  Got up and treated my mom and dad to IHOP.  Then they went and picked up their sofa with the reclining ends, got it packed onto the back of the truck, then we headed back to my apartment, to pick up the rest of their things, got that all packed into the truck, and they were off back to San Angelo.  It was a good time had this weekend.

So let the spring cleaning begin, I took off the cushion covers to the loveseat, and washed them, got a new broom and was having a go at it sweeping the living room, yes, must get a vacum, washed laundry, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, very much tempted to go take a very hot bath and soak.  I have it smelling really fresh and citrus here.  I love those clean smells.    Got the loveseat fixed and situated the way I wanted, next on the list is a bed, got it narrowed down to what I want, it will be a full sleigh bed, oh how I love sleigh beds.  Stay tuned.

Got a drawer for my bedroom, is really nice, I am going to put baskets underneath the bottom part, cleaned out my closet and put things into the drawers, things are really coming along now.  The weekend was really great, now back to work tomorrow.  Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Today I am…  Done.


P.s.  Here are pics of my loveseat, chair, and drawer.


chair and loveseat photo

loveseat and chair