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Sucky Service, but dam good food!

So yesterday, me and a friend went out to eat, we chose to stop by the Applebees on N IH35.  We were seated, and our waitress came and took our order, first off, I asked for water with lemon, and I got Water with no lemon.  Next we ordered our food; I got the order of Chicken Tenders and Fries, my friend ordered a Grilled Steak and potatoes, the food was very delicious.  The service not so; my friend had gotten a Blackberry Honey Iced tea, after I tasted hers, I ordered one as well.  It took like forever to get that tea, plus she had messed up other peoples orders as well, she had to keep coming back to tables to re get what they had ordered, then she gave me a refill, of the suppose tea, which happen to be just plain tea, and not the blackberry honey.  It is a good thing the friend was paying, for that waitress would not have gotten any kind of tip, Besides that, the food was delicious.  Eat your heart out.


I won’t be going back to this particular Applebees , but there are others to choose from in the city.

Giving Thanks…

This year, I am wishing you all a Happy Thanks Giving.  Today I am giving thanks to The Lord, for without Him, I am nothing, can do nothing.  So Thank you God.  I am giving thanks for my parents, that they were able to move down to Austin, and that they have had a smooth move and have settled in very well.  I am thankful for employment, it may not be the highlight of my life, but it is not a soul sucker as well.  I am thankful for friends, online, offline, for with out them, life would be pretty dull.  Oh there are so many things that I am thankful for.  I will just stop at those, and get myself ready for work, then after, that is when the real party starts, I’m talking, chicken and dressing, ham, and all those other yummy things that will be put before me.  May your thanks giving be just as awesome.

Getting over that first hurdle…

To which I have done.  That hurdle being a transfer to a bigger apartment within the apartments I am staying in.  I will be moving to a two bedroom apartment next month, of course I will have roomies, those roomies are my parents.  Yes, I am back to living with mom and dad for a little while, at least the good thing about this arrangement is that I do not have to move back to San Angelo, they are moving down here.  I am pretty happy to see them move here, with the cost of things, we will help each other out greatly.  I don’t believe this is a step back for me, just a step in a different direction.  Here is so much different than in Angelo.

My mom is totally excited to be moving here as well, this will help her a lot with getting some stuff done that she has wanted to do with her lyrics and poems and such, well at least that Is what we are both hoping for.  Things are a lot different now between my mom and I, we have a better understanding of one another, in the time I have been away, even though she has been down here a lot, it still was space that we both needed to happen.  So It is a good thing in my eyes.

Now I can at least show her some of the things I have been experiencing and get her wrapped up in some of these things as well.  So stay tuned to just another chapter in the brighter side of forty’s life.

P.S.   HAPPY FOURTH Y’ALL, always keep it safe and fun.

Oh Hi There

My name is princess, please to meet you.   This is my mom’s cat princess, and by her standards, she really does think that she is the princess of the house.  I love her though.  Here are some pictures I took of her.  Enjoy.

pp1                                 pp2

pp6                                       pp8                              pp9

Princess P.  Kitty


So as far as work goes, I am still with the company.  They are now implementing core groups with specific skill sets.  Today I was put in the newest group, Core C, there will be 7 clients in this group, I am trained on five of the seven.  So I know classes for the other two will follow.

There will be bonus opportunities, so that makes me smile.  The downside is some of the people in this core, I will ask for extraordinary patience on this one.  To be continued.

Last weekend I attended both Saturday and Sundays Pecan Street Fest.  Always fun.  Went with a couple of coworkers,and even bought my mom something.  She should be making an appearance this way soon, like in a couple of weeks.

The weather has been on/off the past few,storms and plenty of rain.  Not complaining.  The rain is a welcome relief from the allergies.  Here’s to work,  may it continue to be blessed.

52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 13:  (picture this )



The things you can get for free to furnish your house,apartment, or office.  This was on the curb by the street, usually I have seen some great things by trash bins, heck I got a great dresser out of it,and my mom got a awesome baker’s rack.  This though is not a good find.  Perhaps to some it could be the finishing touch, for me; I will pass.  Perhaps another day the pickings will be good.  Perhaps.


So here I sit at work, in the breakroom, on the computer, typing this out. I have yet to figure out the work/life balance. I wake up way too early, spend 8 hours at work, come home and I am exhausted, watch a movie, eat, then off to bed, just to do the same things over the next day. When I am off, I try to fill my time exploring or trying something new, sometimes it works, other times it is a fail. I have to figure this thing out, one thing I need to do it eat better, and exercise, perhaps once I am on top of that, the rest will slide into place. Until then, it is a constant battle of trying to get what needs to be gotten in. Stay tuned!

Welp, SXSW is in full swing, with the music portion of the festivale, I was thinking about going; but decided I am just way to tired to deal. Perhaps next year, one never knows. I did happen to go to the free gaming part, it was pretty cool, a nerdist paradise.

The weather has been up and down these past few weeks, first beautiful sunny days, then cold rainy, wet, gray, dreary days. Spring starts tomorrow Officailly well, either tomorrow or Saturday, any way, here’s to beautiful days, and sunny skies. To be continued!

So if where ever you are, the sun is shining, get out and enjoy it.

52 Weeks. ( picture This )

Week 5:  ( Picture this )


My Cheri amour !  A money shot indeed.  The tickets came in the mail.  Pretty much official, that myself and mom will be going to see the one and only ribbons in the sky Mr. Stevie Wonder. 

When I saw he was going to be here, I Knew, this would be the perfect way to say thank you to my mom.  Not just for the love she gives me, but for all she has done for me.  Especially since my move to Austin!  Both her and my step dad.  I really could not have survived without their help, support, and generosity.  Here’s to you mom…  may this concert blow both our minds, in a awesome way of course.

Goodbye 2014


Yes, 2014 is coming to an end.  It has been some year,some year indeed.  A year of self discovery, joy and pain, tears, and laughter.  Making new friends, and departing with ones who you thought were friends.  Family time and friend time.  New jobs , and new adventures.  Strength beyond the weakness.  Oh my, what a year this has been.  Fear not sweet friends, and loyal readers; for this adventure and journey of my life continues on.  2015 is going to rock!

Many blessings, and a Happy new year y’all!