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52 Weeks (picture this)

Week 1:  (picture this)

Hello friends, and readers.  Today is the start of another 365, only modified to 52 weeks.  I picked Saturday to start, so every Saturday for 52 weeks, you will get a photo of something I took.  Shall we begin this thing?  Hope you enjoy!.


Pretty much my every day life,  usually on or two riders where I get on, but by the time I get to my destination; it is very full.  So I say, it is nice getting lost in the little solitude I receive on my daily ride.  It’s life.

Beyond 365

Day 322:

Today I am…  Productive.  Yes, getting busy, getting things done today on my day off.  Getting those bills paid and getting papers for my health insurance sent off.  Yes!,  today is a productive day for me.  I am keeping my Faith in the Lord, that things will all work out for my good.  Life is moving along.  Work is work, no complaints.  The months are moving quite swiftly, in two days this month will be up.  What a month it has been. 

The weather is starting to get cooler, time to break out the jacket.  Time to also start making stews and soups.  Gonna break out the crock pot.  Yes, here’s to a productive day off, may your day be productive as well.

Today I am…  Productive.

Beyond 365

Day 130:

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!  That is right friends, and readers, today I got a new pair of kicks.  My feet feel really free of aches.  Picture below.



I plan on getting a back-up pair as well.  I got these at the Barton Creek Payless.  Oh yes, that good old Barton Creek Mall.  My mom loves to go there when she is in town, so we had to stop on by.  She found some good deals on some blouses, and got some make-up, she has been splurging as well, while down here.  It is so good to see her smile.

Now tomorrow we will be going downtown to the Capitol.  And I am also taking her to Toy Joy.  Didn’t eat at any place new today, she wanted her favorite asian food at the food court, so it was all good.  She finally, saw some of UT  and was amazed how big and spread out it is.  So having mucho fun with my mom.

Well my friends and loyal reader’s I am also celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging on this blog.  Happy anniversary to me!  Many, many, many more blogs to come.  And I hope that you all will continue to tune into this blog of mine.

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!

Beyond 365

Day 118:

Today I am…  Finished!  That’s right you heard it, I am finished with my taxes for another year.  Oh you thought something else didn’t you, well it’s just the taxes this year.  I braved the wet, cold, windy weather today; this my only day off, and boarded the bus to downtown, to where they were doing taxes for free.  The line was long, but in actuality, most of the people there were getting some kind of insurance assistance and I was 3rd in line to get my taxes done.  Oh what a joy that was, I was in and out in less than an hour.  I promise to not wait this long to get my taxes filed.  Now that I know where they are located and how really easy it is to get the bus to it, there is no more excuses ever!

Now I am back home, with a shower cap on my head for I am deep conditioning my hair today, then washing it.  So while I do all that, I will check out the new stuff they have going on Netflix, and call my mom, oh yeah, I suppose I need to go find something to eat before all of that.  Well reader’s and friends, here’s to the rest of the Sunday left, hope that you have had a really well weekend, and may the start of your new week be ever in your favor.

Today I am…  Finished!


Beyond 365

Day 117:

Today I am…  Lagging.  It is just one of those days, the kind where you would much rather stay in bed most of the day, get up and sit around in your pajama’s and watch Netflix.  Well no can do for me, I need to get moving, and get ready for work.  I have tomorrow off, but I will be getting up and getting down to get my taxes done, I have thought, and well I am going to go downtown to get them done for free, well that is what I am hoping to do.  I have to find the place and well I know it’s going to be a long line of people there, so like them I am going to try to get the jump and get out their way, early, well as early as my body allows for me to get up in the morning.  I have to catch the downtown bus to this place, so we shall see how this all works out, I am sure it will be just fine, I have already got my forms and id and social all ready and packed away in my purse.

Today I am just not feeling the work thing, even though it is just six hours, it is a lot more prep getting there to work, riding the bus.  Oh the life of a bus rider.  Just got an email informing us that the client we are on, will have another choice if they want or not to take a survey, so today will be my first time working that out, it’s all good though, I am getting things down.  And perhaps in the next month, I can grab a couple of more clients.  Right now I have four, and that to me is impressive.  But I suppose enough of this, and I need to get my self-moving along.  So hope y’all enjoy this your weekend.  Keep it fun, and safe whatever you may or may not do.

Today I am…  Lagging.

Getting turned around

Always make sure you are not in too much of a hurry, because you might miss something important in the process.  Well that is what happened to me tonight, I missed an important piece on my journey home.  That piece was getting on the wrong bus.  The plan was to take the bus to where I catch it at the park in ride, then call a taxi to take me to my apartment, which would have only cost me 10 bucks, well as I was at the bus stop that would take me to the connecting bus to get me to said park in ride.  A bus came, to which I thought was my bus, because I had looked at the schedule, and the next bus was due to arrive.  So the bus came, and I just boarded it thinking it was my bus, I had forgotten to check out the sign, before hand, big mistake.  Anyway bus is going along its route, then it turns, and I am thinking wait a min here, it went a few more blocks, then it clicked I was on the wrong bus, so I got off at the next stop, but it was too far away to walk, luckily there was a Red Lobster restaurant down the street.  Even luckier was that my phone was fully charged, and I have money in the bank.  I called a taxi to pick me up from there, even luckier than that I only had to wait 25 min, instead of an hour or two, with it being a Saturday, and South by going on.  Yes, I ended up spending  23 bucks to get home instead of the ten, but it could have been worse.  Moral of this story is, always make sure you are not in too much of a hurry.

Have a great night Y’all.

So long January.

Looks can often be deceiving,  what looked like rain this morning, burned off to a glorious Sunny, warm, 75 degree day.  Now if that don’t put a smile on my face.  So this morning I hopped on the bus and went on the route to where the place I will be going to my interview, timed it all and I actually made it there before 9am, in fact It was still 8 in the morning.  Now I know time frames for when the busses’ come and go, so Monday morning I will be ready.  I am feeling rejuvenated with all this new change going on, it actually puts me in a great frame of mind.

When I got back to the terminal the new metro rapid bus was there, so I took a photo, this boy is huge and very long.  I will be riding it soon, just to get a feel of where it stops and goes, how far, and back around to the terminal again, hey, for me that’s the way I get to know places, since I do not drive, I am not just going to hop on a bus not knowing for sure where I am going or where I am going to end up at.  Nope, I do it this way so that I will have a clue, and having a clue is a winning combination.  And I like to win.

Metro rapid bus

So here’s to the end of January 2014, it has been great, and I welcome February in with open arms, minds, and hearts, because this is my year.