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Beyond 365

Day 60:

Today I am…  Up Early.  Indeed reader’s, this woman is up and at em’.  I have a pretty busy morning, so am getting a jump on things.  I have to be out of the apartment before 8, so I figured that I would get a head start on the dishes and tidying up around here.  Today is another freezing cold, day, don’t think it is expected to get above the 30’s right now it is well below in the 20’s and for me, as you all know, or have read, is just way to cold for me.  I will be bundling up once again, and trying not to stay out in this stuff for too long, just long enough to get what I need to get done, then back to my warm apartment, which might not be so warm when I get back.  I wish I could just leave the heat on, but that is a no-no, while I am out.  I don’t want anything wrong to happen, and I would like to come back to an apartment you know what I mean.

I definitely have to do some grocery shopping, the cupboards are pretty bare, gotta load up.  load up as much as I can carry in my little rolling cart lol.  Well I better be getting to it, here’s to keeping warm in such cold times, and keeping a smile on my face, as much as the weather lets me.  Until the next time my reader’s, enjoy your day.

Today I am…  Up Early.


You just have to step out of the box, to know what you can do.  If it works, then Yay for you, if not… You try something else.  It never hurts to try.  That is the only way you will know if you can or can not do something.  So Next month, I am going to put in an application to a place my friend used to work at, it is a manufacturing kind of place.  Let’s just see how it all goes, I have nothing to lose.  To be continued…