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Beyond 365

Day 322:

Today I am…  Productive.  Yes, getting busy, getting things done today on my day off.  Getting those bills paid and getting papers for my health insurance sent off.  Yes!,  today is a productive day for me.  I am keeping my Faith in the Lord, that things will all work out for my good.  Life is moving along.  Work is work, no complaints.  The months are moving quite swiftly, in two days this month will be up.  What a month it has been. 

The weather is starting to get cooler, time to break out the jacket.  Time to also start making stews and soups.  Gonna break out the crock pot.  Yes, here’s to a productive day off, may your day be productive as well.

Today I am…  Productive.


Beyond 365

Day 276:

Today I am…  On a mission.  To have a great day that is, today is a big and busy day of work, I have picked up four hours on Sunday, that is to replace four out of the eight hours I took off for my mental health day.  I should have more days like that, but they will have to wait, got to make that $$$  for the end of the month.  Well here’s to having a great Friday Y’all, may your weekend be fun.

Today I am…  On a mission.

Beyond 365

Day 17:

Today I am…  Busy.  Today I will be a very busy bee with my mom in tow, we have some running around to do, then we are going to go downtown, then to the Barton Creek Mall, she loves this mall so much; I have never seen her stay in a mall this much lol.  It is all good though, I am finally seeing her smile more.   I have so enjoyed my time with her here, I can not stress how much our time apart in this kind of way has really strengthened us.  It is good, it is very good.

I really do see good things happening for me, and new doors opening up for me this coming new year.  New jobs, new relationships, a whole new outlook on things.  I praise God everyday for all this newness that he is giving me.  Stay tuned friends and readers’.

Today I am…  Busy.



Catching up…

Today I am going to use this day for catching up, I have been busy running around like crazy filling out applications. If I am not doing that I am back and forth on the bus going to places to fill and pick up applications. I am tired, I haven’t had the time to really just stop and relax and enjoy being here, for it has been somewhat stressful just thinking about all the things that I need to do. But today that ends, at least for a couple of days. Today is just going to be spent blogging, catching up, and then back to the apartment, where I will indulge in some movies that my mom brought down for me.

To start, I am loving Austin, not so much loving the humidity, there are days like today, where it is not so humid, it is pretty warm out and there is a nice breeze going on, that feels like a right summer day. I am not liking that I am not getting any call backs at the moment, the ones that I have gotten, are either too far out, or in places that I wouldn’t be caught dead at night-time, well hardly want to be there in the day time either, but soon, soon I have to keep it positive that my phone will be blowing up with all the places that I have applied to, so much so, it is going to be hard to keep track of them, speaking of keeping track, I really do need to get a calendar, Oy!

Only one more day left in the month of July, and boy has it been a month. I know August holds nothing but positive things for me. I am truly blessed. My mom will be back down here in a couple of weeks to visit me again, then my sister and nephew are planning on coming down as well, we shall see, since they have only been here once, I am not so sure they know the way absolute. I have not made any friends yet, but hopefully soon, I can meet up with the Austin Bloggers on my WordPress blog for a cup of coffee, a nice ladies meet and greet. Something I truly need at this time.

It has been pretty quiet around my world, and it sucks not having people around to talk to, I would be lying if I didn’t say that at times I find myself crying myself to sleep, or the tears flowing from one thought to the other. No matter what I still miss him, my mind finds itself going back to when I would visit here and we were together having fun, I miss those times so much so, it isn’t the same when you have to do things on your own, I know that at times we must do these things, but when you have done it for so long, and then you find someone who shares it with you… But I suppose that I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

Tomorrow I am going to go out and catch the bus to find the Blanton Museum, it has been a long while and I am feeling that I need to catch up on some creativity in this city, I will probably be out and about most of the day finding places here and there, where perhaps my touch of creativity will catch a spark. As it has been lacking for a very long time. With that I think that I am going to be blogging more on this blog than the other, right now I really do need to cultivate and get this blog growing as I have with the other. I definitely need to work on trying to blog more as well from my phone, I have some bugs to work out, especially trying to upload photos, last night I only got two to upload, and well that is just not going to do, when I am taking photos from my phone and trying to get them on here, so I need to work more on getting better at that. For now I think that this will be all for the day. I hope that you are all enjoying your day. If it is a great day, get out and enjoy!