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Ho, ho, ohhh you know… Let get on with it.

Merry Christmas family, friends, and online readers…  Much has gone on this week.  The biggest thing for me is I got laid off from my job, well not only me, but a whole lot of people got the axe.  A week ago.  I really did not hit me for a couple of days that I was jobless, but none the less, here I am, in the process of looking for new work.  I had my little pity party the day I got canned, now all that is done and over with, and it is now time to look, and search hard for a new job.  I have put in aplications, and I am so very thankful that my mom and dad live here, because they can help me out a little with things.  I am positive everyday that I will be getting a new job if not today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks.  Hey, new year,new job, new insight on life.  I am not worried, I know I will get something really soon.  That was really the biggest thing that happened to me over this week, and today it is Christmas day.  I am loving life, and enjoying it with every day The good Lord sees fit for me.

Today, mom and dad, and I went for a ride out to Waco, TX.  I do love long rides, since I don’t drive, I am a awesome rider.  The weather was cloudy, and there was a winter nip in the air, it was a pretty perfect Christmas for me.  Just about the way I like them to be.  Since I am not a cold weather person, I prefer to have a blue sky kind of winter Christmas day, hey, it is just the kind of person I am.  For me, the weather has been awesome.  Still like a spring /fall kind of week.

Soon the year will be ending, and a new year will be starting, I look forward to  another beginning.  Here’s to a very merry Christmas my friends, family, and readers.  Hope that your day is just as Merry.


To all my joyful readers and friends, A very merry Christmas to all.  Last night I indulged in a bit of the vino. 


Today, it will be Chicken and dressing, and maybe a bit more wine.  So here is to a great day.  My mom and dad are on the way, and I have the chicken in the oven.  Got Die hard on.  Urban cowboy later.  Here’s to Christmas 2014.  Have a merry one.

Beyond 365

Day 16:

Today I am…  Celebrating, indeed I am celebrating Christ in Christmas, and celebrating my mom being here with me my first Christmas on my own.  I am so joyful that she is here.  We are spending this Christmas here watching Netflix, and enjoying the moments.   This morning we went to IHOP for Christmas breakfast, and now we are full and filled with the blessings of the Lord.

Tomorrow I have off, and we shall venture down town, we were thinking about going today, but decided to just hang out and watch movies.  Oh the joys of Netflix.   So my awesome reader’s I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas.   Enjoy the people in your lives.

Today I am… Celebrating.