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My Corner…

Christmas Eve, your not here.  The ache is real.  Longing for your smile, to hear your voice.  I call your phone, just to hear anything, I play your video clips from when we would go feed the ducks in Marble Falls.  I miss you mom,I miss you.  Happy Christmas Eve.


Happy Christmas Eve Y’all!

Well it is upon us, yes, that is Christmas Eve, the weather outside is cold, and I hope it warms up a bit, not sure if it will or not.  So thought mom and dad would be heading down here today, but dad has to work, perhaps if he gets off early enough, they can head this way, if not, then they will be leaving out early tomorrow.  Can’t wait.

I have work today, but I get off at 3:30 today, hopefully earlier if possible.  I want to just wish all of my readers and friends, a very merry christmas, and to keep it fun, and always safe.


Beyond 365

Day 15:

Today I am…  Waiting.  Yes, waiting to get home from work.  Waiting to greet my mom when she pulls up, yes, I am waiting.  Today has been a great and very blessed day.  I woke up.  It is Christmas Eve and I have the next two days off.  Indeed it is great.

It is just a touch chilly today, but nothing I can not handle.  May all my reader’s have a very merry Christmas.

Today I am…  Waiting.